Kawawa’s operations manager Victor Bemba

By Luke Nthenda

A newly established ICT company -Kawawa Digital Solutions has partnered with the Blantyre District Health Office -BDHO on UMOYO Mobile Application initiatives that’s seeks to give information on Covid-19 Pandemic.

Speaking in interview the companies operations manager Victor Bemba,the partnership with BDHO will provide critical information about Coronavirus to the public via the UMOYO App that was launched a months ago.

According to Bemba partnering with the Blantyre District Health office will also input into the new functionality that Kawawa Digital Solutions are developing on the App to ensure clinical credibility.

He added that the partnership also give clinicians the ability to coordinate their efforts even at a national level and enrich their information and reports usage around the management of Coronavirus.

“We are pleased with this partnership, it’s literally life saving. We are working hard to continue enhancing the App. It will help our clinical partners to gain traction on the Virus at a national level and plot early interventions”.said Bemba.

The programme Manager for Kawawa however disclosed that the company will incur all the financial costs around the initiative including technical developments, maintenance and all budget commitments concerning the new application.

The Company has since asked different stakeholders in the country to assist in the project citing that the initiative will help in accelerating the additional development plans on the App to the advantage of both the public and clinicians.

As of May 20, 2020, Malawi had 71 cases of Covid-19 patience with 27 recoveries and 3 death.

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