Malawi Politicians and religious leaders have ceded the discussions on Gay rights to Kenneth Msonda spokesperson for PP and self-proclaimed moralist in the country.


Kenneth Msonda has been updating his Facebook page with very provocative Messages on Daily basis since the Peter Mutharika Government relented to outside pressure and suspended enforcement of all sodomy laws.



He has challenged the Malawi courts and suggested that Gays should be killed. Likening the, to dogs. 

Below is his latest posting on his Facebook page:


Fellow countrymen and women as said earlier the battle regarding homosexuality is not between KEN MSONDA and homosexuals who all along have been hiding behind fighting for minority rights but between children of God and children of the evil one the devil – jobulosi – Satan.





As a citizen, a born again Christian and a parent I exercised my Constitutional right to freedom of opinion after homosexuals gave Malawians two options; KILL THEM or ALLOW THEM PRACTICE THIS SINFUL, DEVILISH & DOGISH ACT THAT IS AGAINST MY FAITH, MY CULTURE, MY DIGNITY, MY TRADITION & THE LAWS OF MY BELOVED COUNTRY.


I opted for the homosexuals first option – KILL THEM, that was my opinion, I don’t know your opinion.


My faith, belief, culture, tradition, dignity, laws of our beloved nation condemns homosexuality.

It is a sin according to the Holy Bible and Holy Koran and it is a crime according to the laws of our beloved nation.


In the Holy Bible (ROMANS 1:18-32, 1 CORINTHIANS 6:9-10, 1TIMOTHY 1:10) it is punishable by death, (so too in the Koran, am told).


According to our laws those caught engaged in this criminal act are sentenced up to 14 years IHL.

Beloved fellow Malawians I have carried the cross on behalf of ALL believers in of the word of God both CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS.


If it means going to stand trial at the criminal court in Haig for fighting for what I believe is the truth I am prepared.


I can’t standby & see our faith, tradition, culture, dignity and humanity being watered.

I Praise God for the stand taken by our faith leaders during the national day of prayers at BICC on Saturday 9th January 2016.




It is the responsibility of government through our reformed Malawi Police Service to enforce laws therefore re-arrest homosexuals who were unlawfully released for fear of losing donor funds including homosexuals who all along have been hiding behind fighting for minority rights.

If government through our reformed Malawi Police Service does not arrest Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence within 3 days from tonight; I shall have no option by to drag the two to Court for inciting people to break the law.


Fellow Malawians let’s stand up and fight for our faith, culture, tradition, dignity, humanity and the rights for genuine minority groups ( HIV & AIDS patients, Albinos, Dwarfs, Widows etc.); homosexuals have no rights because they are worse than dogs.


By the way “where are the so called homosexuals; Timothy Mtambo and his friend Gift Trapence are they homosexuals??


I shall find out in Court on 21st January 2016.

I have a message to these two gentlemen (if at all the two deserve to be called gentlemen); I AM AT MY BEST WHEN THREATENED!


See you in Court on 21st January 2016!

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