Chakwera Press Conference
President Lazarus Chakwera has denied having appointed his daughter to a diplomatic mission

1. As usual he delivered a fantastic speech, yaulemu yowonetsa kudandaula  (polite, showing remorse). I felt sorry for him. It shows he is human after all and zimamukhudza(it affects him).

2. It confirmed that what we write on social media finds him. So, he must know zimene timatokota(what is happening in the country). Since I find this encouraging and tipitiliza kutokota ( We will continue to provide our unsolicited advice until he takes heed and changes direction).

3. Now that we have more evidence that confirms that he gets what we write, our frustration is more than before. It confirms that he is slow in decision making, ndiosamva(does not listen) kapena(or) he is captured big time. I say this because most of the suggestions we write here are out of good will. There is absolutely no reason why there should be no CEOS for most parastatals a year after becoming president. No reason to see corruption growing instead of decreasing. No reason for not changing public systems that promote stealing of public resources. No reason for having no ministers in key ministries like labor, local government, and transport for many months. In short, no reason for mediocrity that we have witnessed so far.

4. Chakwera is the biggest problem. Good at delivering excellent speeches but clueless on decisive action. He has himself to blame.

5. The press conference has confirmed one of the biggest things that made some of us to drop him and take him head on. He lied on the appointment of her daughter to the embassy. When the list of embassies bound members of staff was confirmed, he should have immediately written a press release disowning the appointment of his daughter to the embassy. That is if he was serious about it. We criticized the appointment from day one, but he never said anything apart from sending his state house bull dogs to tell us that State house finds our thinking lacking. It’s only now that he has been put in his place on the international stage that he has decided to disown the appointment, almost a month after his daughter was appointed and attended an orientation for diplomas!

Mr President, we will judge you by your actions not speeches. We learnt that the hard way and we will not be fooled again by your excellent grasp of the queen’s language. Sinthani ndithu.

Malawians want action.

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