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Since the move of Jorgen Klopp to Liverpool in 2015, the rise and rise of the Anfield team has really wowed many football fans all over the world.

When he arrived in October 2015, Klopp described his new side saying “it is not a normal club, it is a special club” and with their rise to the pinnacle of British football under the guidance of the German tactician, many would not argue of the Red been a really special club.

More so, during the first conference of the German tactician, Klopp dubbed himself ‘The Normal One’ in a parody of José Mourinho’s famous ‘The Special One’ statement in 2004, claiming that in four years’ time, Liverpool will never walk alone but with a trophy in their rank and he delivered right from the highest standard winning the UEFA Champions League in 2019 and the following suit with the most coveted cup by the Liverpool in the following year as the Reds won the EPL in an emphatic fashion blazing aside all of their opponent in the process until coronavirus pandemic distort their momentum.

Also, many could have argued that the momentum of the club is really strong and the bane of VanDijk at the back is setting the tone for the luxury of front trios, while Sadio Mane, Mohammed Salah, and Roberto Firminho do some damage to their opponent is really commendable but all this story could have vanish despite the Anfield team ravaged in injury to their star men and the coronavirus isolation to some, Liverpool is still standing strong to win the league once, as the Melwood park team is dubbed to win the EPL at 3.00 odds to defend the title they in 2020, competing with Man City alone at the same odds according to https://www.cancasinos.ca  for the online odds checker.

Although with Virgil Van Dijk’s injury in October 2020, had many believed that the title defense of Liverpool in the current campaign is in serious jeopardy? However, Liverpool’s ability to grind out the result with the absence of some key players in an emphatic manner is commendable. But how far can this go? Many wondered!

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Liverpool might have set the pace of dominance with the acquisition of Allison Becker and Virgil Van Dijk, but growing out the players’ dependence is a reference to the Liverpool belief beyond the tactical nuance of the German genius.

If it were to be tactical that dictates the flow of success in Liverpool, the team would have been decapitating due to the injury that ravages the team.

However, on countless occasions, the current crop of the player had shown that recent of this Liverpool is far beyond the tactical nuance but the ingenuity of belief that carry the whole club from the owner to the management, the player, the fans and the surroundings.

Jorgen Klopp might have stated it in his first Liverpool’s conference that the club is not normal and the player have equally shown that they are far beyond the normalcy with extraordinary consistency and the extraordinary relationship between the management, coaching staff and the player coupled with the players’ recruitment policy with the use of statistics had ensured that the growth of the club will keep glowing while dominating the English and the European premier club competition as the Reds will be hoping to win the Champions League once again this campaign while they are tipped to be the third favorite to lift the European champion behind Bayern Munich and fellow country club Manchester City at 8.00 odds.

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However, with their surge in form, Liverpool’s odds to lift the most prestigious club has further increased to 7.00 odds with the australian online pokies  to the 2021 UEFA Champions League Odds Tracker.

Moreover, it is easier to outsmart a genius than to outsmart a belief, the key figures in the Liverpool dressing room might have been absent for so many games, some might have missed a game or two due to the coronavirus isolation, but the new signings have a wondrous addition to the dominating Liverpool and the young lads are easily filling the boots left behind by the injured players.

This is far beyond the tactical ingenuity of the German coach but the belief that Klopp had instilled in the club’s fans across the globe, carried out by the management of the club, promoted by the owners and made glowing by the player could be the only answer to the consistency of this Liverpool in spite the injury up to and down this campaign.


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