Chatinkha: claims receiving death threats

Once again Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma has eviscerated the Malawi opposition on Social Media. She writes that their claims and accusations of stolen Elections does not represent all Malawians.

I would like to dispute this notion which when a section of the population or people of a certain party want certain things or disagree with certain things, they rush to shout that “The people are tired, the voice of the people want this or don’t want this”, “Malawians are tired and want change”…. or even go further to allege that “there is a revolution of the people”. It’s more truthful to say people of this party and that party and their supporters are the ones that want these things, than to lie that its WHOLE population with them. That’s a blatant lie straight from the pits of hell.

Politics is a competition of various parts of the population, and it’s always the losers who pretend to be the voice of the people….the whole people!! How come it’s ONLY the opposite which alleges to be speaking for Malawians

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