Cabinet minister Ken Kandodo Banda duped K25 million

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—Malawi’sTonse Alliance Labour  Minister Ken Kandodo Banda has booked himself an entry in the hall of shame after losing K25 million to magicians whom he believed would multiply the money by 100 percent within two days.

Reports reaching this publication indicate that the minister has been duped of K25 million that he borrowed from a well known Lilongwe based business lady for money multiplication business.

The magicians behind the black money scheme, a Nigerian and Congolese currently under police custody at Kanengo, are reported to have approached the minister  few days ago where they managed to convince him to venture into the illegal business.

The shameless Kandodo who is in the Chakwera cabinet because of his late Kamuzu Banda blood line, then approached the Lilongwe business lady to borrow K25 million from her with an agreement that he would pay back after two days with an interest of 50%, translating into K50 million.

The lady never hesitated but released the said K25 million in cash to the minister out of trust since they had done business before.

The minister took the money with all smiles and surrendered it to the crooks who promised to multiply the money in dollars within two days.

After the agreed two days had elapsed on Thursday, the lady made a follow up with the minister who asked her to meet him at some lodge in area 10 to discuss.

When the lady arrived at the lodge with her friend, the minister ushered them into some room where they met the two “money multipliers” and the minister left telling the ladies they will be sorted out by the two men.

Upon waiting to collect the money, the two men explained the whole money multiplication business to the ladies asking them to wait since “they were still processing the minister’s money in some machine”.

The ladies retorted by claiming not to be interested in the whole “money making” process, as all they wanted was their money as agreed with the minister.

The ladies were further informed that Kandodo only brought K18 million to the “money manufacturers” meaning he helped himself with the remaining K7 million, something that infuriated the ladies.

 After smelling a rat, one of the ladies texted a police officer from Kanengo police that “they suspected being duped of some money by the minister and the two men” according to a police source.

The police rushed to the scene and found the two “money multipliers”.

The two were picked to Kanengo police and were carrying with them a big bag which upon opening it there was a big snake inside which got out and chased people around.

It took one of the two men to bring back the snake into the bag.

 As we went to press, Kandodo had asked the police not to charge the two men yet.

The lady has insisted to be paid back her money with the 50% interest as agreed.

This is not the first time for Kandodo to get involved in deals of such nature, as when he was CEO for Blantyre Print and Packaging, he was duped of some company’s money amounting to K16 million to money shacks.

Kandodo is also eyeing the MCP presidency in 2025.

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