Skeffa Chimoto during one of his live shows

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—In an apparent reaction to politicians’ conduct in the face of covid-19 pandemic, reggae artist Ralph Kapanga has announced a live show in Balaka district on May 29 next week.

Kapanga’s announcement of the live show comes just two weeks after musicians under the banner Concerned Active Musicians announced their intentions to resume live shows after noticing that politicians who were supposed to lead by example were holding campaign rallies without any regard to covid-19 preventive measures.

Kapanga who has released album titled Rise Malawi, told media that the show will take place at Modern Park in Balaka and will be supported by local music giant Skeffa Chimoto and his Real Sounds Band, Katelele Ching’oma, Leslie and Prince Makase, among other artists.

“Initially I planned to launch the album in March but it coincided with this pandemic. By then I had already paid for the venue and the supporting artists but I had no choice but to shelve it,” Kapanga said as quoted in the Nation.

The artist said following recent developments, they have been left with no option but to follow suit by resuming live public performances.

“People have missed music and on the other hand, we as artists need to make ends meet. This inactivity has affected us badly,” he said.

Skeff Chimoto confirmed of the development but was quick to say the show may not take place considering that the ban of public gatherings is still intact.

“I am not sure if it’s going to take place because the ban is intact. But I have seen my client advertising the show. If it will take place, I am ready to take part because I don’t have any bookings elsewhere.”

On Sunday, the Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) acting president Gloria Manong’a told the press in Blantyre that they have no control over individual artists who will decide to start holding live performances.

Meanwhile, politicians are campaigning in readiness for fresh presidential election and covid-19 measures are not followed as their rallies usually attract thousands of people.

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