Saulos Chilima and Lazarus Chakwera, When MCP needed UTM

Malawi laws do not recognize ‘ruling parties’, za ruling party timanena ndi ifeyo. Legally, I do agree then that there is no Tonse government, neither is there a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) government despite the fact that tambala was on the ballot.

What we have is a dully elected  President and duly elected Vice President. Awiri amenewa sasunthika chisawawa. Lazarus Chakwera can decide to form a new party and call it Nick Chakwera Party (NCP) or Pest Chem 1B Party (PC1P), he will still remain Malawi president and you will call his government a Nick Chakwera Party government or Pest Chem 1B Party government.

Joyce Banda and Bingu Campaigning

 This is what deceased President Bingu WA Mutharika did, United Democratic Front (UDF)  was on the ballot, but he dumped it and formed Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  which, in layman’s language, was called a DPP government.

God forbid, according to the constitution, if the president (Lazarus Chakwera) is incapacitated for whatever reason, the Vice President, Saulos Chilima automatically becomes the president, not the tambala guys choosing another president. The Vice President his excellency Saulos Chilima  then would decide whether to continue with the tambala guys, with his current party or form another party called Mwanawanga Patseni Party (MPP). It would be up to him and no law would stop him.

 Ndaona kuti umbuli ukuchuluka.

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