Independence Day in Malawi is held each 6 July to commemorate the day in 1964 when independence was declared from British rule. Malawi was not opposed militarily by the U.K. when it declared its sovereignty.

In a Statement made available to The Maravi Post reads, Government would like to register its profound disappointment over the untimely deaths of our people in Nkhata Bay in the last 24 hours and extends its deepest condolences to the bereaved families for the painful losses.

We condemn the violence acts that led to these deaths, caused injuries to over 20 people and left property destroyed and houses burnt over misunderstandings that could have been resolved amicably through restraint and dialogue.

It is the considered view of Government that the barbarism that resulted into these despicable events is steadily being fermented by seeds of violence that are getting planted by those who believe that differences should be resolved through bloodshed and destruction.

Malawi has always been a peaceful country until some misguided people introduced violence to replace dialogue and compromise as a mechanism for conflict resolution.

This country is a democracy where the right to differ is allowed and it, therefore, should be the duty of every Malawian to safeguard this right. Everyone should be free to differ without fear of being killed or attacked.

The disturbing events in Nkhata Bay coming shortly after another set of violence claimed the life of a police officer in Lilongwe should be a wakeup call to leaders who believe in the use violence as a way of resolving problems that their actions are slowly indoctrinating our communities especially the youths to be animalistic and mean.

Teaching people to hate others is irresponsible. It is a seed that once it germinates and grows fully will come back to haunt everyone including those who are thoughtlessly distributing it.

It is for this reason the Government is appealing to everyone, including political leaders and civil society organizations to preach peace and encourage our people to reason together whenever they have differences. At no time should life and property be sacrificed to resolve them.

Let us all love each other and protect this country. This is the only country we have as our home. We should not destroy it.

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