LILONGWE-Malawi Government has challenged opposition leader and president  of Malawi Congress Party (MCP),  Lazarus Chakwera, to expose the syndicate he claims is behind the gruesome abductions and murdering of persons with albinism.


At a press briefing in Lilongwe on Sunday Chakwera alleged that there was a syndicate behind the killings and abductions of persons with albinism.


He said the police were helpless. He also claimed to have solutions to the killings and abductions but that he would end them  within one month if elected as president in the forthcoming tripartite elections.


But at a press conference on Tuesday, Minister of Information and Communications  Technology, Henry Mussa, and Minister of Homeland Security, Nicholas Dausi, took turns branding Chakwera’s claims as unfortunate and  politicizing the tragedy that persons with albinism are going through.


Mussa advised Chakwera to give the information he has to the Inspector General of Police or indeed to the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology. He said tragedy is a national issue that demands collective responsibility.


“There are our brothers’ and sisters’ lives at stake here, and we could lose more between now and elections date while he (Chakwera) has solutions to the problem. Why should he wait until he assumes Presidency to provide the solutions when he could collaborate with Government to save lives before then,” said Mussa.


Mussa called it a “mockery to a critical situation” that some critics were taking advantage of the dismembering of persons with albinism to gain political mileage.

He said: “Lives of our persons with albinism should not be sacrificed on the altar of politics.”


Inspector General of police, Rodney Jose, said the Malawi Police Service has made all the necessary interventions to arrest the situation, but has further called on positive minded citizens to help through tip- offs and reporting of suspicious occurrences.


Of the 158 reported cases since 2013, 19 lives of persons with albinism have been killed and 36 cases have successfully been  completed in court, 39 still in court while 71 under police investigations according to the Inspector General.


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