Malawi nurse dismissed over field allowances

By Alick Mhango

Health officials in Nsanje district have suspended one of their nurse John Elias after failing to share field allowance to his boss.

According to the letter that Elias wrote to the office of human resource office in the ministry of health, he has been on the suspension for almost eight months.

Elias said that the hospital second in command Dr Yamikani Masitala is fond of asking huge allowances out of their expense.

“I facilitated a training at Bangula. Mr Misitala ordered me to give him facilitation allowance despite not doing the job. I gave him and since then, he has been forcing field allowance,” reads part of the letter.

Elias revealed that his boss stopped assigning him to the field works after denied sharing him the allowances.

“Since then he has been assigning unqualified person to the field works. This was just to punish me. This was happening when the district health officer was outside the country,” added the letter.

After not being shaken with the punishment, Mr Misitala twisted the story to the hospital administration officer saying “I insulted him after smoking Indian hemp.”

“I was then summoned by the hospital administration officer where I was suspended without a period. Since then I am not attending my duties,” he said.

The district health officer Dr Alexander Chijuwa denied to issue a comment on the matter saying he was new in office.

“Excuse me I thot u r asking questions and am supposed to answer boss. It’s sounds as if u want to mock me or kundikalipila. I am not happy with that approach. I know it’s journalism tact’s but with due respect I think I have managed to be humble enough so far. However, having said that, I respond to your question later. As far as I can remember I was just being introduced in the district so i may confuse some facts which might not be the right thing to do,” said Chijuwa in a whatsap conversation.

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