Once upon a time, there was a retired civil servant who happily got his terminal benefits. He later decided to contest for a member of Parliament in his home constituency. This was in response to the request of his village headman and friends.

Peter Mutharika faulted for dividing DPP further

He used all his monetary terminal benefits for political campaigns. He even sold a number of his own houses to beef up expenses towards his campaign trail. When the results came, he lost with a very narrow margin. Politics is a game of gambling.

Normally, during the run up to the elections, many political parties crisscross the whole country canvassing for votes. Have you evervwondered where these political parties get the funding?

Let us take one practical example. Prior to the 2020 fresh presidential elections, there were staged violent nationwide demonstrations masterminded by Timothy Mtambo for an extended period of over 9 months. Where did the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) get the funding for demonstrations then?

Also consider the formation of UTM party currently led by Dr. Saulos Chilima. Who were the funders towards the establishment of this party? Luckily, Chilima during the interview disclosed that some Democrats Progressive Party (DPP) members secretly funded UTM. Have you ever wondered why DPP lost elections? Are you bamboozled why there are still incessant squabbles in the DPP now?

Recently, UTM procured a fleet of over 200 brand new vehicles? Where does UTM get its funding now?

All I am saying is that there is a disconnect between the thinking of a voter and that of a politician. While a voter thinks politicians embark into politics for the welfare of the citizens, a politician views politics as a business enterprise. They make investments in politics with a view of making profits.

Chilima and Chakwera

This answers the puzzle why human rights activists such as Timothy Mtambo, Luke Tembo, Billy Mayaya and Richard MacDonald Sembereka, among others, were later appeased with lucrative positions.

Many Malawians are also aware why Agness Patemba, the former Registrar of the High court and Supreme Court of Appeal, was also appeased with an ambassadorial post. Obviously, she might have made a political investment in the presidential elections case.

It is now an open secret why the first cabinet instituted by President Chakwera comprised a husband and a wife, a brother and a sister, brother in law and sister in law, and most of them from the Central region specifically Lilongwe.

Many individuals fund political parties so that they can win contracts once they form government. This solves the puzzle why many poor politicians have become millionaires all of a sudden. It is no longer a bamboozlement that inexperienced suppliers failed to deliver farm inputs to the farmers for the Agricultural Input Subsidy programme.

My appeal to Tonse Alliance is that while you are enjoying the delicacies of power, at least honor your campaign promises. A local Malawian is still struggling with life out there.

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