Maula Prison
Maula prison in Lilongwe Malawi Capital

As has been done in the past Malawi President Peter Mutharika in a press release made available to media says he has pardoned 644 prisoners as part of this year’s Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

The press release issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security Wednesday in Lilongwe, said 362 out of the total prisoners that have been pardoned and remitted their sentences are those serving sentence of three years and below.

The Statement pointed out that the President has reduced their sentences by six months.

“The prisoners who have been pardoned and reduced sentences are those who are charged with minor offence and have demonstrated good behavioral reform or are chronically ill,” it reads.

The Statement says the pardon of the 282 prisoners and remission of sentences of 362 by the president is a symbol of forgiveness during this year’s Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

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