Malawian Prophet Sanders

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Lilongwe based Prophet by the name of prophet Sanders has released a hip hop song on Tuesday July 7, 2020.

The song titled “Boss” like many other hip hop songs has triggered a controversy in Christian circles mostly on his selection of genre to spread the word of God considering his calling as a prophet.

The middle aged Prophet who is also the founder of The Temple of God (TTG) church has in his song shared about the undeniable power of God with so much prowess despite the connotation mostly attached to the genre.

The genre that emerged in early 1973 consists of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping and has on most occasions been viewed as a provocative agent to unwelcome behaviors among youngsters such as violence, drugs and all diabolic acts in society.

However, around 1982 christian Hip hop music started making strides with tracks like “Jesus Christ (The Gospel Beat)” by Queens.

Choosing this genre in spreading the gospel has been welcomed with some resistance among the Christian community.

Among several arguments surrounding the genre, many people have argued that it is not just about spreading the gospel but how it is being spread and whose attention it is drawing.

However, despite being used by several others to coax people into worldly behaviors, the likes of Lecrae, Sho Braraka, David Kalilani, NF, Trip lee, Flame, Da truth, KB, have used hip hop to spread the gospel to millions across the world.

In 2017 particularly, Lecrae was largely criticized after receiving the BET award for “Best Gospel/Inspirational” and in his response, he openly said he only tries to follow God who is the master of art and will continue using his art to share the gospel regardless of the category that people will associate him with.

Like Lecrae, Kanye West recently received some fair amount of backlash across the world after releasing his gospel hip hop album “Jesus is King” in 2019 .

He has however undeniably proved to be very successful in spreading the gospel through his holy hip hop music choice with millions of people following him.

The truth of the matter is the bible clearly says we should spread the gospel but what means, that will always be a mystery.

The battle between sacred and secular will somehow always exist. Prophet Sanders definitely has his reasons for falling in love with such a controversial genre but we hope it is in line with his calling

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