Mhuras wake
Saying Farewell to Mhura

Malawians in the US from all walks of life, the diplomatic community in New York and friends of the late Ambassador Necton Mhura, on Saturday attended a wake and memorial service, during which they also paid their last respects.

Ambassador Mhura, who was Malawi’s Permanent Representative for the Permanent Mission of Malawi to the United Nations passed away on Monday at a New Jersey Hospital.

The wake and service in New York was attended by a Malawians from as far away as Alabama, Washington D.C. and Connecticut, with many being late Ambassador Mhura’s colleagues from chancellor College; the diplomatic community with representatives from Angola, Zambia, Uganda amongst other Mission from the African Group.

During the service bible readings by Late Mhura’s sister and daughter from Ecclesiastics 3:1-8 and Philippians 3:20-4:1. Following the reading the Priest encouraged the mourners on the reason people die. While encouraging people to know that the LORD is our Shepherd and our hope. He said death is the end and the way to the Creator.

He then offered prayers for God to comfort the bereaved.

In the eulogy t her father, one of late Mhura’s daughter paid tribute to her father as a great teacher who never spoke much, but that when he did the teaching was powerful.

Continuing the accolades, the Malawi Mission Charge d ’Affairs Mr. Loti Dzonzi said he was privileged to have learned worked with the late Ambassador. He informed the mourners that the remains of the late Ambassador would leave for Malawi on Sunday and arrive in Malawi on Tuesday.

The service was followed by a time of fellowship with the Mhura family at the Malawi residence in Scarsdale.

Ambassador Mhura is survived by a wife and three children, and one grandchild.

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