For a moment, let us move away from the excitement about the fact that the American songstresses—Rihanna and Madonna—were in Malawi the fortnight ago.

American singer Rihanna: wore moderate make-up in her Malawi education tour

There is the other side to these two divas that is worth talking—I mean their general appearance. There is no doubt, the two song birds are just adorable. But more importantly, the two are just down-to-earth simple.

After having ‘physically’ seen them, I have come to appreciate that they are as sensitive to occasions as almost any well-meaning woman in Malawi is.  After all, a woman is always a woman and no skin colour, socialization or industry can change this fact.

I have come to see that these celebrities do understand, perhaps better than their fans, that showbiz is showbiz; there, you gotta do what you gotta do. But outside it, a woman should be protective of her modesty and dignity. She must, at times, do with no to little make-up and wear partly-revealing to fully-covering clothes.

Indeed, if there is a lesson that our ladies in Malawi should learn from Madonna and Rihanna’s grooming lifestyles at the time they were here is the power of occasion. Malawians ladies have to learn the confidence to be mindful of occasion when choosing what to wear. Our ladies should know that they attract an unnecessary attention when they mismatch their clothes with the occasion. A funeral is a funeral just as a party is a party. Do not confuse the two neither should you mistake the one for the other.

Ladies, there sure is a difference between your friend who stays alone and that one who stays with her parents and whole lot of grown-up brothers. The kind of clothes you can put on when visiting either of them should be different; it sure hell be! And there is that dressing our college girls like ehem…please, we are tired of getting confused whether to call you a student or a hooker.

Malawian ladies have seen how Rihanna and Madonna dressed. The American songbirds knew that they were in Malawi for serious business, so they did not put on their showbiz attire and make-up. They were in simple clothes with moderate make-up. You could even hardly believe that it was Rihanna or Madonna you were seeing considering the kind of clothes we are used to seeing them in in music videos. I guess the lesson was clear: every clothes or make-up for its occasion.

One undeniable truth about Rihanna and Madonna is that they wear extreme make-up. However, they do so when they are in showbiz. So, our ladies, next time you wear extreme make-up when going to the market ask yourself whether the occasion warrants such make-up.

The minute you ladies paint your eyelashes green, your lips red, your hair yellow and your fingernails blue on a journey to visit your auntie, take a minute and ask yourself whether the Rihanna and Madonna you saw in music videos in such extreme make-up would wear that make-up when visiting their auntie.

So, our dear Malawian ladies, twerk as much as you can but wear moderate make-up which should, at all times, match perfectly with the occasion. We, the menfolk, love you and know this: you’re even more beautiful without any make-up.

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