LGBTI community open challenge to Chakwera

By Dorica Mtenje

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-A 23 year old boy ,Thocco (not his real name) dropped from project management course at Lilongwe Technical college after his parents realize that he is Gay.

Thocco is the second born in a family of 4,and his father happen to be a church elder of Central church of Presbyterian (CCAP).

According to Thocco his parents regard him as useless son after realizing that he is attracted to his fellow men.

He said none of his relative is willing to send him to school after discovering his status .

“Am sidelined by my own mother ,she don’ t share me anything as her own like my other siblings unlike my dad who does understand but he is still in denial,” said Thocco.

He said he can not go for HIV testing with his fellow man to the hospital as the country still look at them as abomination.

He urged the ministry of health to recruit peer education which should be the focal point for them once the encounter any health problem.

He said currently Kasungu has close to 100 LGBTI members based in maplot,Malepera,Mumba,Chilanga,Karena,Carmel ,Chinkhoma,Chumbuba and Mtunthama.

In an interview with Kasungu District Hospital,publicist,Catherine Yoweli said the hospital treat any patient .
She said a certain organization trained the peer educators who Will be dealing with any cases including the LGBTI issues.

In a ministerial perspective,Minister of Gender ,Patricia Kaliati describe Thoccos parents behaviour as uncalled for as every child has a right to education.

She said Thocco should report the matter to police for the law to take its course.

Malawi is said to be a God fearing nation where by same sex marriage is illegal.

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