Social media users have been thrown into a state of shock with news of a Nigerian man capturing a Blue Marlin Fish worth $2.6 million.

The capturing of the fish wasn’t the source of shock for many but rather what the man and his village folks decided to do with it.

They ate the fish which was captured in the Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State of Nigeria.

Africa Facts Zone, an up to date facts platform run by a Nigerian businessman, Isima Odeh shared a picture of the man with the Blue Marlin Fish surrounded by some villagers on Twitter.

They were certainly not aware of the worth of such a fish and as often done in many fishing communities in Africa, fish caught in the sea are used to prepare meals.

Blue Marlin Fish is not often eaten by humans due to unhealthy amounts of mercury and other contaminants found it it.

Social media users reacted to the news with mixed feelings.

High-stakes world of tournament sports fishing generates a lot of money and in 2018, it included a head-spinning $904,000 payout for the biggest tuna, a $924,000 prize for the largest blue marlin.

That includes the $2.6 million mega-payout for the largest white marlin reeled in.

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