By Alick Junior Sichali

Malawi Confederation Chambers of Commerce and Industry [MCCCI] plans to host the 3rd regional trade fair in the capital Lilongwe slated for July 26 to 30 July.

Chambers says it will be allowing foreign companies to partake in the regional fair it will be hosting in the country.

Communications Director of MCCCI, Millie Kasunda, made the remarks as she was explaining the preparations of the Lilongwe fair.

Kasunda said both local and foreign companies are registering on its ongoing registration exercise which is expected to come to an end on Friday.

“Currently we are receiving applications of companies to participate in Lilongwe trade fair and as it is now a lot of companies have registered so that they exhibit their products at the fair where we are expecting to have 80 companies which include both local and foreign companies,”.

“We have allowed foreign companies to participate in this region fair because of their interest and also they want to interact with local companies to share ideologies so that they can advance their businesses,” Kasunda said.

The communication director said the fair is expected to have a dinner party, a platform which will allow companies to express challenges they are facing.

She said at the dinner, guest of honour is expected to be minister of trade and industry, Henry Mussa, where he will be interacting with business owners to share ideas on how to make the business environment good.

“We have decide at this fair to have a dinner party where the guest of honour will be minister of trade and industry, Henry Mussa, at the party managing directors will be allowed to express what they think needs to be done to improve the trade industry in the country,” She said.

According to Kasunda registration of companies who are interested to participate in the Lilongwe fair will be closed on this coming Friday.

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