MCP Chakwera winds up campaign with Super H-5 for Malawians

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera winded up the campaign trail on Saturday on a high note with promises total transformation of Malawi through his Chakwera Super H-5 of Servant leadership, Uniting Malawi, Prospering together, Ending corruption and Rule of law.

Malawi Congress Party President Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday held a final rally at Kamuzu Institute for Youth and sports in the Capital City of Malawi, Lilongwe.

Chakwera was accompanied by People’s party President Joyce Banda (Former State President of Malawi) and MCP’s National Executive Committee members.

During the rally which marked the final push for voting basket, Chakwera promised total transformation of Malawi once he takes over leadership through his Chakwera Super H-5 of Servant leadership, Uniting Malawi, Prospering together, Ending corruption and Rule of law.

Speaking at this last campaign rally themed Tambala Day, Lazarus Chakwera centered much on unity for the nation to develop.

He said once voted into power on Tuesday, next week, he will unite all regions, tribes and all religions in quest to build new Malawi.

Chakwera mentioned the endorsement of him by former head of state, Dr. Joyce Banda and former vice president, Hon. Khumbo Kachali as another testimony that unity is paramount to building new Malawi.

Turning to chiefs, the MCP president told the gathering that it’s very unfortunate that other chiefs are being used as instruments of some political parties to deal away with other political leaders, a thing he said will not be part of his governing style once voted into office.

President Chakwera has since promised:

1. Risk allowance to police officers.

2. To end corruption.

3. To improve the life of all the citizens.

4. To bring back the abolished Junior Certificate of Education exams.

5. To empower women and youths with small scale businesses through bank loans.

6. Tight security to every citizens including those living with albinism.

7. To lower the interest rates further as the current are exorbitant to poor Malawians.

8. To be going to parliament to answer questions as per constitution which signifies his interest to follow the rule of law and be a servant leader.

9. To reduce fertilizer prices for all the Malawians so that every one can afford and be food secure and financially independent.

10. To introduce the use of tractors and ploughs as substitutes for hoes in farming.

On the voting and the results, at both rallies, Chakwera challenged that, there will be no rigging in the next week’s elections as even the heaven has denied the practice.

Chakwera vowed to make radical changes and create Malawi a “land of opportunity for all” and “not for just a privileged few.”

He said his plans which has been christened as Super – Hi-5 premised on; servant leadership, prospering together, ending corruption, rule of law and national unity.

In all his rallies Chakwera has been promising to reduce presidential powers and that the leader of opposition will not be taken as an adversary of government but will be consulted on matters of national interest.

He then asked all registered Malawians to vote for him during the elections.