Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera in Nkhata Bay seeking votes 

By Deborah Manda- MEC Stringer

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera  has said that the party is nothing without Nkhata-Bay as it where the foundation of the party was cemented.

Speaking at a whistle stop tour in a bid to urge the electorate to vote MCP on 21st May at Nkhata-Bay boma  Chakwera said the district has a rich history which Mcp does not take for-granted as liberation struggle started in this district.

“For Malawi to be here it’s because of Nkhata-bay and we have not forgotten and therefore on 21st vote MCP so that we develop Nkhata-bay,” said Chakwera.

He also said that they are going to construct a road from Mpamba through Usisya to Mlowe though it might seem impossible because the topography of the area but mcp is going to do it.

“We already have engineers in place who have the technical-know-how of going about this,” added the MCP president.

On the issue of trade The president said they want to make Nkhata-bay an eco-tourism city.

“A lot of tourists come here to see our beautiful lake and if we have good infrastructure more tourists will be coming here thereby making more  revenue,” promised Chakwera.

The presidential candidate further said that though the DPP constructed another jet but they need to make it big so that big ships can land from Karonga to Mangochi.

“Our lake can bring us fortunes but we are just idle without making good infrastructure so that it brings us money,” lamented Chakwera.

The MCP leader urged chiefs not to be under the armpits of politicians who use them for their selfish gains.

“Chieftaincy is by blood and it should  not be a tool for accumulating votes and they should be respected,” said Chakwera.

The MCP leader also highlighted his super Hi-5 visions for the country and urged the the electorate to vote wisely in the forthcoming tripartite election.

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