Lazarus Chakwera
Lazarus Chakwera Leading a splintered MCP Party


Thursday, 1st September 2016

Fellow Malawians
Members of the Malawi Congress Party
Members of the Press
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is my singular honor and pleasure to address you today after our comprehensive and rigorous National Executive Committee Meeting, yesterday 31st August 2016.

A lot of things have happened nationally and in our Party since I addressed you. It is, therefore, fitting, right and proper that I address fellow Malawians and Malawi Congress Party supporters today.

Yesterday, our National Executive Committee, NEC, met at our National Headquarters here in Lilongwe. The NEC made a number of resolutions, some of which maybe of immediate interest to the general public and Malawi Congress Party supporters in particular.

As a Party, it was resolved that we continue on our path to rebranding as we prepare ourselves for the 2019 General
Elections so that we give Malawians their desired destiny. We have taken cognizant of the suffering of Malawians in all spheres of life: agriculture, health, education, economy, security, social,
etc. It is with that view in mind that as a Party we remain focussed on keeping ourselves relevant to all Malawians by re-branding and changing any negative labels that have been associated with the Malawi Congress Party.

As a Party, we are doing all we can to make sure that the Party, as a unified force, faces the 2019 elections prepared as we travel on the road to redeeming this nation.

Malawi Congress Party is a Party that is built on values that formed the foundation of developing this nation as espoused by our founding fathers. These values provide for Unity of Purpose as we remain loyal to the Constitution and laws of the land as we observe the Rule of Law in our pursuit of common objectives that bind us as a nation in discipline and self control.

It has, however, come to our notice that there have been some elements of indiscipline in the Party thus bring discomfort in our members and the general public at large having hope in the redemptive work that the MCP has embarked on.

Our NEC thus made some bold resolutions to ensure that the Party
is not kept off track. We have had some members who have gone out of the way in a number of areas. Despite efforts to engage our own members to reconcile with them personally and corporately,
no positive results yielded.

According to Article 6(1) of the MCP Constitution, the National Executive Committee may refuse membership to any person who does not share the vision of the Party as contained in the Party’s constitution. Besides, according to Article 8(c) the National Executive may refuse to admit anyone to membership

Furthermore, Article 63(1), says that subject to the authority of the Party Convention the National Executive Committee may make rules and regulations regarding discipline within the Party and such matters which may be necessary in carrying into effect of the
Constitution. As contained in Article 42 “the disciplinary powers shall be vested in the National Executive Committee of the Party subject to the Party Convention”. It is in this regard that the Party made the following disciplinary decisions and pronouncements:

1. Hon. Felix Jumbe, MP
The National Executive Committee received communication from  Salima Central Constituency Committee disowning their Member of  Parliament. The Committee complained of gross indiscipline by Hon. Jumbe. The Committee then called Hon. Jumbe for a hearing three times where during the hearings he promised change. Seeing no change, the constituency committee resolved that the said member of Parliament cease to be a member of the Party.When the NEC saw the complaints contained in the letter and the procedures taken by the Committee, they were satisfied by the action taken by the Constituency Committee and thus resolved to adopt their action.

2. Hon. Jessie Kabwila and Hon. Joseph Njobvuyalema. As you are all aware, some people were apprehended here at the MCP headquarters with an intent to “takeover” and/or destroy the Party Headquarters. When these people were quizzed, they confessed that there were sent by some 5 Party members: some of whom are holding NEC positions, others, ordinary members. Two of the five were Hon. Jessie Kabwira and Hon. Njobvuyalema.

The matter is in the hands of the Police. Looking at the gravity of the allegation, NEC decided to suspend the two while subjecting them to a Disciplinary process managed by a disciplinary committee that was constituted by NEC with effect from 31st August 2016.

3. Mr. Lyton Dzombe, Ms Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, Mr Dennis Nanthumba, Mr. Gwazantini, Mr. Isaac Jere.

As per the confession of the suspects that were apprehended in the botched plot, the above people were connected to the plot. As said, the matter is still in the hands of the Police. NEC, however, resolved that the above members be expelled from the Party with immediate effect (31st August 2016).

4. Mr. Hazam Mwale
Owing to the same indiscipline, Mr. Hazam Mwale is also hereby expelled from the Party with immediate effect.

5. Hon. Chatonda Kaunda
Hon. Chatonda Kaunda has been mentioned in other disciplinary matters. As such he has been subjected to the same disciplinary process while serving suspension.We, as a Party subscribe to rules of natural justice and the tenets of democracy. But we also at the same time observe discipline at all levels at all times. Those going through a disciplinary process are, therefore, assured of a fair and just process.

With faith in God as our vessel, with hope in the future as our anchor, with love for this country as our compass and the collective efforts we shall take this Party and country to greater heights.God bless you all.

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