MDF soldiers duped again on huge allowances cuts in DRC peace keeping mission

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi Defense Force (MDF) soldiers that were at the just ended peace keeping mission in the DRC have complained for another time about huge cuts in their allowances.

This is regardless highly risky mission they usually undertake under the banner of United Nations

Sources inside MDF who refused to be named told The Maravi Post that the soldiers have been given their allowances based on the old rate which the UN used in 2013 and instead of the current effective rate per month.

He added that per month they were supposed to get US$1,428 dollars that is US$9,996 dollars for seven months equivalent to MK 7,397,040.

Instead and despite that they have stayed in the DRC for 12 months, the soldiers have been paid based on the old (2013) Rte of US$1,100 per month that amounts to MK7, 238,000.

The source further explained that on this amount the soldiers are forced to come home for holiday.

“They are surprisingly cut air tickets cost that has lowered their initial allowance further to MK5, 113,400.

“This stands as the net pay in seven months wired into their bank accounts,” says the source.

There has been reported a loud outcry in the defense force on matters concerning their welfare and peacekeeping a allowances, citing that other soldiers from other countries are given their money in dollars and directly in their respective bank accounts unlike the case in Malawi where the money is wired into government accounts and later disbursed to the soldiers. 

This has angered soldiers for a while as they think that some MDF bosses with the aid of government are stealing their money via unnecessary cuts.

“This is the worst robbery we have had experienced and it is an insult regarding the risky environment we operate in DRC.

“It is likely to lose life and soldiers must not be robbed of their sweat,” outcries the sources

Following the  appointment of Vincent Nundwe as MDF Soldiers Commander, a man who is believed to  be non partisan in his delivery there has been sudden changes of ranks in the army.

The development has been described by many as a move  for the  ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  to position itself in the MDF.

There was no immediate reaction from MDF leadership over the matter.

Malawi is one of the SADC countries whose army is entrusted by the United Nations to help in peace keeping operations across the continent

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