Saddam’s eldest son, Uday, is cruel by nature, a reckless, grumpy playboy

TRIPOLI-(MaraviPost)-Saddam’s eldest son, Uday, was cruel by nature, a reckless, grumpy playboy.

He was an important figure in Hussein’s regime and was once considered to be Saddam’s successor. But after being seriously injured, his heir was replaced by his younger brother Cussai.

According to the memories of three followers who had served Uday-bodyguards, photographers and car mechanics.

Uday’s life was so ridiculous that he abuse women and showed to monkeys.

“I certainly hated him before,” said the bodyguard who had worked with Uday for four years. But I couldn’t get away.

“Uday is famous for his love of beauty, sports cars, alcoholism, and luxury clothing. Uday’s actions made me sick.”

He refereed to a cage placed in the corner of the kitchen of the” boat “club.

The monkeys were kept in cages, because Uday likes to let the monkeys watch while he abuse women.

The photographer said: “Majority of people are willing to work for Uday. He is a big man, and his company can open up a vast world for you. People who work in his company can travel around, get all kinds of benefits, and enjoy his vacation Villa,” the photographer admitted that he work it for Uday for money.

For this bodyguard, it is not entirely a question of money. In the days when he worked for Uday, he was tortured by increasingly ambivalent psychology.

He was however not able to enjoy the work close to the important person with peace mind.

In this club, the bodyguard was often ordered to punish female singers who refused Uday, and some female singers’ feet were broken.

He said: “I often feel that the person who was beaten was me. Because when the beaten person yelled painfully, I prayed to Allah to ask Allah to punish me.”

He estimated that he would execute about 100 such punishments every year, about twice a week.

Even so, he was sometimes punished, such as when he boldly submitted his resignation application to Uday.

The photographer in Uday feels the same way.

He said he could only tell the truth to Uday because he was afraid that if he didn’t tell the truth, there would be others telling the truth and he would be punished.

He said: “Every time I see those female singers beaten, I feel very uncomfortable, but what can I do? When Uday asks me which female singer drinks according to his orders, I dare not lie. Because if I lie he will punish me”.

The photographer added: “Every time I go home and lie in bed at night, I wonder if I want to quit the job. But I can’t do this because Uday pays me a high salary-50,000 Dinar (US$ 25) per day, and I may not be able to find a job anywhere else because there are very few jobs in Iraq”.

Uday loves famous cars. Fifteen people specialize in buying, testing, refurbishing and repairing his vehicles for him. Salem Kassim was one of Uday’s main pilots.

He was proficient in car repair and decoration. He studied electrical engineering at university, but was also good at repairing body and hydraulic systems in cars.

He was proud that he can meet Uday’s various modification and decoration requirements for vehicles. Still, he is much happier now than before.

Uday previously did not allow him to do private work outside of breaks, and he had almost no breaks.

“I am now free to stay with my family without asking for anyone’s consent,” he said.

All three interviewees regretted having worked for Uday.

He was however killed by Americans prior to his father’s death

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