Everyone who is anyone today must thank someone who taught them to read and write, someone who taught them to add, subtract, divide and multiply, someone who taught them to mix chemicals, indeed someone who taught them to think critically.

That someone is called a teacher.

But look at how teachers are treated. Imagine teachers had to abandon marking Junior Certificate of Education examination scripts because of the pittance they were being offered.

In fact pittance is rather a respectable term. I mean, K12 per script is an insult. How many scripts will the poor teacher mark to make a sizeable amount of cash? Surely the poor teacher will rush through the scripts in order to make a decent amount of cash.

And someone expects quality of education? C’mon!

When some of the teachers protested and abandoned the exercise MANEB reacted pretty much with the middle finger. “We have allowed those who cannot continue with the exercise to go home,” said Simeon Maganga who speaks for the examinations body.

Really? How much money do MANEB officials make to go around inspecting examinations in progress?

It is high time we started respecting those who made us what we are today. How can you pay someone K12 to grade an exam? What can K12 buy today? Not even packet matches!

I suggest MANEB pays teachers a day rate equivalent to what MANEB officials get per day on an assignment, not per marked paper. MANEB should give teachers a reasonable amount of scripts to mark per day. By making teachers mark as much scripts as they can you risk compromising quality of work for the poor teachers will be compelled to increase the number of scripts they mark to make the K12s amount to something reasonably decent.

 Until when will teachers be treated like slaves?

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