Muslims in Malawi were in blow mood
Muslims in Malawi were in blow mood

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—Muslims on Wednesday provisionally suspended the religious ethics by engaging in fierce fight at the Muslim Association of Malawi’s (Mam) elections that were held at the Comesa Hall in Blantyre on Wednesday.According to well-placed sources factions supporting two candidates—Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad and Sheikh Imran Sheriff—conspicuously showed their differences by manhandling each other as they protested against the delegates that entered the hall to vote.

However, the elections were conducted as planned despite the squabbles, and the incumbent Chairperson Sheikh Muhammad outsmarted his challenger Sheikh Sheriff with 114 votes against seven.

Speaking to media after winning the elections, Sheikh Muhammad disclosed that he would open the offices which were closed some months ago due to misunderstanding by other Muslims quarters.

“I want to assure you my fellow Muslims and all people in the country that next week the offices which was closed by other quarters who doesn’t wish well to MAM will be opened and would be used as regional offices and not head offices as previously,” he said.

He also said that he would continue with programmes and activities which he used to do. Such activities include building schools, mosques, clinics, helping the needy and distributing relief items across the country.

The MAM boss then urged journalists to be professional when reporting MAM’s stories and must be verified by the Association officials before publishing saying other people fabricate stories.

He also said he would push for the changing of the constitution and amend some sections which written in 1996 and need to be revised.

Mam Patron, Sidik Mia, who bankrolled the elections to the tune of K1 million, called on both factions to unite for the good of the Muslim community.

“The position of national chairman was highly contested for but both factions must bury the past and work together. Islam is a peaceful religion and we need to show this in how we conduct ourselves every day. As their patron, I will be glad not to hear that some factions have taken an injunction against the election of Sheikh Muhammad,” Mia said.

MAM goes to national elections to elect their leaders after five years.

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