Allan Ntata
Barrister of middle temple, Z Allan Ntata

A statement made available to The Maravi Post reads, the State House has noted with concern the damaging allegations being propagated by some disgruntled individuals aimed at damaging the image and integrity of the State President, His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, to the effect that the President through Mr Ben Phiri interfered with the procurement process at the Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST) to award a 1.4 Billion Kwacha tender to Malawi Pharmacies.


While it has not been the wish of the President to be commenting on baseless allegations, it is important to set the record straight as the allegations being peddled have the potential to undermine the integrity of the Presidency. In view of this, the State House wishes to set the record straight as follows:


.That the President either directly or through anybody has never dealt with the alleged Malawi Pharmacies:

.The President either directly or through anybody does not and cannot be involved ,interfere, or influence any procurement process in any public institution, let alone the Central Medical Stores Trust.

.That the allegations are nothing but cooked up stories from disgruntled people for reasons that can best be explained by themselves:


As alluded to earlier, the President’s policy is not to be drawn into commenting on trivia, and every allegation from whatever source, however, the State House would like to state that it is aware that the allegations are being propagated by a few disgruntled individuals.


For reasons best known to themselves, the individuals don’t seem satisfied with their current occupations but have chosen to make a career out of slander by cooking up stories aimed at tarnishing the President and those they perceive to be stumbling block to their ambitions to land lucrative government jobs.


These individuals are led by Mr Z Allan Ntata who had his own expectations when the DPP took over power in May 2014.


Without necessarily scandalizing Mr Ntata’s name, he was tried and tested when he once served as legal assistant to the late President Ngwazi Professor Bingu WA Mutharika, and all honest Malawians can attest to his performance then. And having sensed that his expectations may not be met, Mr Ntata decided to embark on a mudslinging drive at the Presidency and his Advisor and Personal Assistant Mr Ben Phiri.


This is common knowledge to all Malawians who patronize the on-line publications and social network among other communication outlets.


The State House therefore wishes to inform the general public that there is no truth to the allegations that Mr Ntata and others are making either directly or using their pseudonyms (Zigoba)


The President wishes to assure all Malawians that he will continue to respect the constitution which he swore to uphold, therefore at no point shall the President interfere in any transactions that are carried out by duly mandated public institutions.


As  a warning to these individuals, His Excellency the State President like any other Malawian citizen has got a right to seek court redress from the courts of law from any person seen to have libeled him personally hence his action to sue Mr Z Allan Ntata in the alleged K92 billion case.



Finally, the President wishes to further inform the general public that he will not be drawn into commenting on every allegation that these disgruntled individuals and their sympathizers will advance.

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