The Church of Central Africa Presbytery (CCAP) Nkoma Synod, yesterday launched its first branch of the church in Karonga district, and has called upon people to freely join the it regardless of tribe or language.

The development comes less than a year since the synod launched a similar Church in Mzuzu and is part of the Church’s expansion program to spread the Gospel.

As far as the CCAP churches in Malawi were concerned northern region was held to be a stronghold for the Livingstonia Synod and that the Nkhoma Synod was in central, while the Blantyre Synod was based in the south respectively.

However, due to squabbles of territory that Livingstonia and Nkhoma Synods engaged in, the CCAP General Assembly resolved that synods were free to establish churches in each others strongholds.

According to Edson Chikanga Banda, a senior official from the Nkhoma Synod in the district, the launch of the church in Karonga, should be viewed as one of the efforts to spread the Gospel to all, as commanded by Jesus Christ.

“I know there will be a misconception out there that Nkhoma Synod is for people from central region, but this not the case, we are open to all and that’s why we are here,” he said.

According to him. the launch of a church in Karonga is just the beginning and more churches will be established in the region.

“Our coming in the district is to continue preaching the Gospel to believers regardless of tribe,” he articulated.

Livingstonia Synod was the first Synod to plant churches in the central region, a stronghold of Nkhoma Synod, and it will soon clock 11 years in the central region.

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