I have read many disturbing news reports championed by a ‘notorious’ online publication bent on destroying the character of one of the youthful Malawians, Thoko Banda, who has found favour in President Mutharika’s government to the extent that he has been considered for a diplomatic mission. I am no sympathizer of Thoko Banda or this DPP led government because even after doing some good work for the DPP, they reciprocated with leaving some of us in the cold while those we fought together with were picked on board. Anyway, this is a chapter for another day but back to the issue: why is this media house against Thoko Banda?

First things first, I understand that the ones running this notorious publications are youthful individuals but they seem not happy to see their fellow youth making it big. Why? What do we benefit by being Jealousy of our friends? How do feel? Gratified?

Last time I checked, fabrications were made to the extent that Thoko Banda, who was set to represent Malawi in Brussels as an Ambassador, performed poorly when he was interviewed by members of the Public Affairs Committee (PAC). A lot of negative stories followed to make those in authority believe this version of the story and it seems this current President, Peter Mutharika, who is not even bold enough when making his decisions, easily accepted to be manipulated by such propaganda to the extent that he reversed his decision to send Thoko to Brussels and they say he will now go to Zimbabwe!

Soon after the state house made this announcement, the propaganda team was alert and they have of late rolled out series of articles just to pull Thoko Banda down claiming he called the No Nonsense Comrade Robert Mugabe an ‘idiot’ in 2006 when Thoko was in Germany and therefore suggesting that he is not the best material to be dispatched to Harare. Whats the aim of all this propaganda? Is it to scare the young man or to completely destroy him in the eyes of the authorities?

What do you want to achieve at the end of the day? To see one Thoko Banda jobless in Nkhatabay? Why do we Malawians always wish other people evil? No wonder such online media houses make our President to be a laughing stock in the World as it recently reached the extent of even embarrassing our very own Head of State with Malicious lies. You remember the exaggeration that such online media houses carried to the effect that Mutharika was lodging in an expensive hotel during the recent UN General Assembly when it was not the case?

Why can’t our online media houses learn to be responsible and above all learn how to respect the Head of State who is everyone’s President despite the fact that one voted for him or not. Malawians feel happy when we embarrass even our own President; we are so evil that we wish other people dead. 

What happened when we heard that Bingu had died? Did we not hear other people celebrating? We are jealousy people to the core and No wonder, we everyday pray, asking the creator to cast out this demon in us ‘Envy’ each time we sing our National Anthem! 

Let’s leave Thoko Banda alone. It’s God who knows his future just like He knew the future of Joyce Banda who ascended to the Presidency right in our own eyes. 

To you Thoko Banda, I say: Keep calm, the plans of God on you will surely come to pass despite whatever your evil enemies will attempt to do. 

To Malawian youths; I say to you: Start loving one another. We the elders of this country are slowly but leaving this country for you guys. Accept that others are better off than you might be. Allow them to play their mission on this earth. 

To President Mutharika: Don’t be weak your Excellency; why can’t you be bold at least for once like your brother before you when it comes to making decisions? If I might remind you, your brother sent packing one ‘uncultured’ UK diplomat because he had confidence in his judgment. 

On the contrary, you heard lies that Thoko Banda was bad and therefore not worthy to be your envoy in Brussels and you listened to that and rescinded your decision. What a coward we have as a President in this country! Grow up Your Excellency. Be your own man Mr President; Bingu is no longer around!

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