By Saunders Jumah
Atupele was the mercenary of Peter Mutharika and the government; sent to scupper as well as stifle the unique meaning of debate.
The DPP government succeeded in using Atupele Muluzi as a mercenary to attack solution-providers in Lazarus Chakwera and Saulos Chilima, who were there for a true encyclopedia of debate.
The absence of the incumbent debater, who in this case is Peter Mutharika, showed his failure and fear from facing the reality on the ground.
Peter Mutharika’s failure to attend the presidential candidate debates is a true sign of failure and a mockery to our democratic principles in whose nerve of strength is the blood that others lost for this kind of open society to be achieved.
The failure of the person holding the position of a president at that 2019 Presidential debate, is a punishable crime that President Peter Mutharika is going to face its verdict on the 21st May 2019.
If you shun the people on such debates people, shun you too at the ballot.
President Peter Mutharika raised a towel of surrender in the air by just failing to appear at the debate in Lilongwe.
The blame game that Atupele Muluzi showed lack of understanding as to what the debate was all about.
He failed miserably by pretending to be the government when he is not.
He failed to debate but came to represent the party he serves not the party he wants to represent at the polls.
Perhaps it’s high time Atupele Muluzi realized the meaning of debating is to woo for votes.
Atupele Muluzi is standing for his party not the DPP but on his first debate he sounded more of DPP or a mercenary of the ruling party.
Atupele Muluzi scored no points for UDF other than scoring for the ruling party DPP.
On Saulos Chilima he proved a point that future leaders are not the olds but the youth. He did not just advocate for youth leadership but articulated best solutions towards a better Malawi for all.
On his debate Saulos Chilima was a pro-poor and people oriented.
Bingo! came the man who distinguished his zeal as leader who is real ready and steady to take the government on the 21st May 2019.
He blanketed the nation and outscored the other two contenders with his zeal as a national leader who did not attack anyone but provided solutions to the hectic challenges the nation has faced the past 25 years.
He distinguished maturity, leadership quality and character befitting a person ready to take over the mammoth task of running Malawi.
In the Utopian philosophy Malawi is blessed to have several leaders except Atupele Muluzi who cannot be trusted with national matters without being dictated by powers in the shadow.
This is why he failed to articulate points or acted as a problem solver and chose to back worst and attack best solutions.
It is now in the hands of Malawians to make their choice in less than 40 days.
In this era of political transformation whoever shuns, defy, avoid public debate must not be given space to lead a nation or become a national leader.
Presidential, parliamentary, council candidates must not be kangaroo pets.
They must come into the open for people to choose or elect the cream of leaders for the better of the nation.
Saunders Jumah the Utopian
DisclaimerViews expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post
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