Old Good Days:Peter Sambo’ During His Days As Bushiri’s Top Aide
Old Good Days:Peter Sambo’ During His Days As Bushiri’s Top Aide

Dear Mr Prophet,

If I were you, I would stop mining for attention and publicity that desperately. If I were called a Major Prophet I would not publicise what I do in the name of charity, I would not write my name on the maize bags I distribute in the name of charity, a gift given from above does not come with a name tag of the sender or the recipient and yet it knows the address of the intended recipient.

The Bible says what you right hand has given, the left must not even know, but you oh! my dear ‘powerful, merciful, generous’ prophet are trying harder than PTC to let the world know how wealthy you are and how much you can give to God; tell you what: God does not need your money, He needs your broken and contrite spirit, a sacrifice He will never deny or ignore. My dear friend from my dear country, remember how we dreamt about touching the whole world and how we worked so hard to let the world notice the Jesus we were publicising, now do you work for yourself? Is that the portrait we were called to paint?

I can’t but remember the days we struggled to even pay for the TV to stay on air, when we had to plead with the Television company to please have mercy and not to cut our channel from the air, we would pay the service providers at the expense of the salaries of the employees for months, we did it all for the sake of the gospel, pardon me but I do not still see you in the same light. Politics has never been of interest to me, neither do I remember myself ever dreaming of getting involved in politics, the only time I remember ever getting involved in politics was when I was interviewing the politicians in my capacity as a media liasson and reporter, I have met the current State President at his Nyambadwe residence twice or thrice in that same capacity but after that I made sure I don’t because that is not in God’s interest for my life.

Therefore to think also that the government has paid me to remind you of your focus of life would be ridiculous and preposterous, but I do this because you are trying your best to turn the spotlight on yourself and that is just who you really are. Do you remember when you announced that you had bought a jet in 2012, did we really own any jet yet, but I blindly supported you in that lie, the Bentley you said you had acquired, in that too I supported Papa, you did all that in your hunger for undivided attention from the media on you, but that is not what we are here on earth to accomplish sir and I would uncompromisingly say that is not what Christ came on earth to do.

Therefore I have decided to use this medium of communication because we do not have a better avenue of communication anymore since we last met in person four months back at your office in Area 14, and there you lied again in my face and that completely destroyed my hope of you ever changing or learning from the past. I urge you therefore to please concentrate on the short stint at fame which you have acquired but has nothing to do with the Christ you claim to profess and serve.

I know that I know that your aim is to rule Malawi indirectly now with your money and later if the cards are in your favour as President, I have seen this way before anybody ever intimated that you will become this ‘huge’ and many refused. Let all the world be deceived, but I will not, we don’t have many days to preach the gospel and for the remaining few days which we have, I will not allow you or anybody to divert the truth by your pomp and pride in the name of Christ, despite my failures as a man, I hold the values and ideals of Christ as the absolute truth and the only remedy to the atrocities and rot of this present world, and I will defend those values with my very own life if need be.

If you intend to use any kind of propaganda to counter this which I have done and paint a sorry picture of me in the media, well that is your power seeing you have bought most of the media with the money you have amassed suspiciously as well, but that will not and never change the authenticity of the truth in the word of God. If you love God, you will love my rebuke and never take it personal but repent and search for true wealth which is only acquired in Christ, humility, brokenness and speaking the truth at all times. Shalom!