Lazarus Chakwera
File Photo: Lazarus Chakwera

The so called revelation from one called Reverend Dr. Chakwera comes as a big surprise to many followers and staunch supporters of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Rev. Chakwera, if indeed he was ever a genuine man of God, should stop cheating, mostly himself, that he is a reformist, because by now everybody knows his real agenda in MCP. His claim that people are resisting the change is a pile of bull.

Rev. Chakwera is a narcissist and greedy man, who only joined the MCP for personal gains. The only resistance he is getting is to stop him from continuing abuse of the Party resources, and the raping of its constitution to enable him manipulate the system.

Chakwera: pleads with disgruntled party chairpersons ‘It’s time to buils party'”

How can Chakwera join a Party, which he knew was of killers and murderers? If this was not so sad, it would have been laughable that the very people he is calling these names, are the ones he begged for their votes to become the President. The facts on the ground can shame even the devil.

Most of the leaders who Chakwera found in MCP now, are younger than him but have dedicated their whole lives to the Party.

Chakwera was DPP prior to joining MCP, and even enjoyed close relations with the late Bingu WA Mutharika.

Regarding the so-called list of delegates published by Kaliwo, Chakwera seems to have a selective memory, because the press release mentioned that all those with queries should contact him. Kaliwo mentioned that it was not the final list, but the genuine delegates according to the 2013 list (of which Chakwera was the beneficiary of).

Unless Chakwera is so self-absorbed that he cannot comprehend the real issue at hand, which prohibits him from unilaterally amending a legal document, Vis a Vis the MCP Constitution, then the Party is in big trouble.

The so-called new committees, which he hand-pick in collaboration with Sidik Mia, are null and void, since the NEC, which resolved to hold those elections is also illegal.

Chakwera is part of NEC and as such cannot reshuffle the NEC. Chakwera has no mandate from anywhere (and he cannot quote the article in the Constitution as such), which gives him powers to change elected positions.

For Rev. Chakwera to demonize Late Kamuzu Banda, is hypocritical, and is assuming that the Party has not evolved, even after the multiparty. In other words, Hon JZU Tembo and Late Hon. Gwanda Chakuamba, were both clueless and he is the only one capable of reforming MCP.

This even after the MCP, has always come very close 2nd in all national elections since 1994.

Rev. Chakwera’s pride and arrogance, will be the downfall of MCP, not the so-called old guards.

Chakwera is an elitist who only favors those with money and hates the poor.

Chakwera has formed a cartel in the Party of people who want to use it as a fundraising institution for their personal projects.


Rev. Chakwera and Sidik Mia, are free to form their own party, and make their own rules. The only problem MCP has is Chakwera.


DISCLAIMER: Views expressed in this article are those of the Author Osman Tayub and not of this publication.

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