Some of the country’s pastors  from various churches under the banner Young Pastors Network (YPN), this week pleaded with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri not to cut charity work in Malawi.
YPN  plea comes  after Bushiri, a South Africa based Malawian Prophet and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), was reportedly pissed off with allegations leveled against him on social media following the death of well-known ECG worshiper James Nee.
Nee was involved in a fatal accident with two other members of the church who also died.
Bushiri had said he is fed up and tired of being attacked by his own people whom he has been helping in various ways.
His publicist, Ephraim Nyondo, noted that the prophet is also a human being and feels pain, saying “cutting back on Malawi is the best thing Bushiri can do now”.
However, in an interview with Maravi Post, YPN President Pastor Webster Kameme, Secretary General Pastor Tusalifye Mbeye and YPN partner Dorcas Mwango said Bushiri is welcome in Malawi and urged him to continue with his charity works in the country.
“We would like to convey our condolences to Major 1, bereaved families and the entire ECG family. The brothers who passed on were not only a blessing to ECG but also to the body of Christ and to Malawi as a nation,” the three said.
YPN also commended the support the government of Malawi rendered to Prophet Bushiri during his global prophetic tour in the country, saying this is a step in the right direction.
“We are, however, deeply shocked by the insults thrown at Major 1 on the death of our three brothers. Not only are the accusations misleading to the masses in Malawi but also to millions around the globe.
“We find these accusations to be unfounded and the work of some disgruntled individuals who are jealousy of the successes of Major 1,” concerned the trio.
According to the three, so many accidents occur all over the world, hence the accident that killed Nee should not be used to tarnish the image of anyone.
“We are of the view that these accusations are coming from religious dwarf minds who can sink so low and credit everything to the devil.
“We are calling upon those spreading these unfounded accusations to stop and concentrate on propagating the gospel in unity of purpose with other denominations regardless of their doctrinal differences”.
The three further called upon Malawians to learn to recognise fellow citizens who are doing fine in life and contributing a lot to the development of the country.
Besides being a prophet, Bushiri owns businesses ranging from hotels, telecommunication and mining where he has employed numerous people including some Malawians.
“Major 1 is an example of a model, true Prophet and successful business person who has proved to the nation beyond doubt that through hardworking and focus to your calling, anything is possible,” said the trio.
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