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Peter Mutharika a Fearpreneur; Malawi cannot and will never be a one opinion state 

Malawi president Mutharika: wants Malawi to be a state of one-opinion

DPP and it’s leader Peter Mutharika want Malawi to be a state of one-opinion because the republican president and it’s party are Fearpreneurs.

They are the people who live in fear from their own actions.

Eversince Peter Mutharika controversially became the head of state, he has been laying stones of development. Almost every district there are foundation stones that have become nothing three years later. He has not stopped, he is still laying foundation stones everywhere only to find out that by the end of his term, none of those stones will grow to become Mombera University or what he tells citizens.

The song of the DPP has been to root out corruption and they have been sharpening knives with the intention to silence the opposition and to change Malawi to become a state of one opinion: (their opinion) forgeting that they are not witnesses or signatories, not even mediators and negotiators of our hard-won freedom that to some of us started way back in the 1980s, under the tutelage of late Kanyama Chiume, Atati Mpakati, and the Bwanausis.

At least, we were there when the supreme document was drafted and hatched. Some of us were part of the team when the likes of Professor Peter Meinz and Dr. Kirby were lecturing over how we could adopt the new constitution.

Coming up with a proposal to amend the document for a 50+1 vote system, is a brilliant idea and timely because we are the people who jotted it down and negotiated it when the Malawi Congress Party then wanted to push it in their favour.

We do realize that we made some mistakes because we had to meet our opponents half way, who had the baton of power then.

Now that the baton of power is wholly controlled and run by democrats, we are not going to allow or tolerate some few people who, by then were enjoying spaghetti in America, to come and impose their own propaganda where their intentions are to make Malawi a nation of one opinion.

Peter Mutharika thought government is an easy thing; he thought one can run a state through deception or let-me-say-lies-in-simple-English.

He promised to stop corruption and arrest all culprits; on the contrary, he has instead Arrested Development in the country.

The developments of his brother Bingu are “playing chess” all of them “on stalemate.” All road networks have stopped from being completed. The names of corruption instead of pointing to the opposition, are pointing back to himself and his cabinet.

Corruption has since grown horns and is developing stigmas soon it will be germinating in multiples but Peter Mutharika is silent and quite.

When the person he had entrusted all his trust to replace him as a successor is caught in corruption scandals, including money laundering, he lives like an ostrich with his head buried in the sand, because of shame.

Instead of doing the right and presidential obligation, he turns against patriots and men of integrity and start planning to silence critical views and free thinking.

NIB and the cadets are on the look out to chasowalize the likes of the Utopian, KK (Kalua), Michael Usi, and many who stand for the country.
Money is being spent to silence these men of truths.

Under Peter Mutharika Malawi has become a failed state. Under Peter Mutharika Malawi has become the most corrupt country after Nigeria.

Under Peter Mutharika corrupt thieves are imune from prosecutions. Under Peter Mutharika Malawi has become a nation in bankruptcy.

There is no envoy represented in Malawi that has not warned of the doldrums that Malawi is speeding into. A few days ago, Norwegian Ambassador just narrated similar sentiments forcing the mafia organization IMF to come to the rescue of Peter Mutharika by lying that the economy of Malawi is stabilizing.

DPP cadets who are not familiar with the strategy of new global economy, clap hands and ululate in ignorance, not knowing the secret of IMF.

I will prolong this conversation by becoming a tutor of the blue flag. My school of Network 21 reveals that global powers have made sure that America, Europe and Asia, make any means possible to see to it that money work for them. In return they have made Africa to be the only continent that work for money in essence making Africa a forever slave of the world.

When they meet puppet leaders whose muscles and nerves of finance functions through corruption, they come with millions of US dollars in credit and make the puppets sign for it. This is why the World Bank and the IMF have not condemned corruption and cash gate in Malawi.

Do not be fooled with sentiments of these two institutions; do not forget that Bingu fell out with them when they demanded the devaluation of our currency; Joyce Banda became a darling of the west because she agreed to devalue the Kwacha.

The truth is what the Norwegian envoy decried about our economy. That is the utmost truth.

Malawi will never be made to be a nation of one opinion as long as George Chaponda enjoys freedom when Uladi Mussa and others know what police cells smells like.

The FEARPRENEUR is therefore asked to do the needful, sack Chaponda from the party and have him arrested, freeze his accounts, and all the monies found in his house.

Until then stop threatening or tracking truth tellers because even if the voice of reason in the three can be cut off, truth will always be truth m, and voice of reason will rise again.

Be the listener of Bwande Bwantasa you will know that Malawi is not and will never be a state of one opinion.


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not, in any way, reflect the views of The Maravi Post.



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