By Elijah Phompho-MEC stringer

One of the youth activists in the country has expressed dissatisfaction with Political parties in the country for failing to implement policies of youth empowerment they promised before elected.

The concerns comes as political parties in the country have started mobilizing support from among others ,the youth to vote for them in the upcoming elections.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, Executive Director for Youth Coalition for the Consolidation of Democracy (YCD) Francis Folly said political parties in the country  have failed to implement policies on youth empowerment which they promised for them to be elected.

Folly whose organisation (YCD) has been accredited by the Malawi Electoral Commission to conduct civic education in Chikwawa and Nsanje a head of next year’s elections, has urged political parties in the country  to allow the youths to be in strategic positions in their parties.

Folly also called on political parties in the country to have more youths to compete as candidates for 2019 tripartite elections.

“Unless youths are given platforms in political parties of our country, having youth policies in manifestos shall not be meaningful,” said Francis Folly.

Folly also noted that most political parties in the country have Millard ideologies on youth empowerment.

He wonders as to why political parties with similar ideologies on youth empowerment can not join forces to form a strong force on youth empowerment.

However, Chancellor College Political analyst George Thindwa said most youths do not have resources to campaign in various positions in political parties hence they are excluded.

Thindwa, however, said the youth can take advantage of their majority and put to power leaders they feel will act on their aspirations.

Thindwa also said the youths in the  country should take on politicians on   specific plan of action of the implementation of policies.

“The power of the youth is in vote. Some leaders promised to act on their expectations but have not fulfilled them, are they going for them again?” wondered Thindwa.

However, major political parties in the country failed to commit themselves on implementation of youth policies, saying they have yet not launched their manifestos.

Nicholas Dausi who is the spokesperson of the ruling DPP only said he shall talk more on party’s youth policies once the party launches its manifesto.

Spokesperson for the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Maurice Munthali said the secretary general of the party was better placed to talk about youth policies of the party.

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