Chakwera meets Chilima at Malawi’s 58th birthday

It is no secret now that Reverend Lazarus Chakwera’s economic maladministration has plunged the lives of local Malawians into deepening abject poverty. High inflation rate. Fuel and forex scarcity. This article therefore first endeavors to unearth the reasons why poverty is worsening under President Chakwera’s leadership. It further provides recommendations to mitigate such challenges.

  1. Fighting corruption

Corruption is the deadliest evil that contributes to the worsening poverty levels in Malawi. Money and resources lost to corruption could have been better channeled towards socio-economic and infrastructural developments such as road network, health facilities, school blocks among others. These amenities could have consequently improved the livelihood of the poverty stricken people.

It is only during Chakwera’s regime when corruption has reached unprecedented levels. For instance, cabinet ministers and government officials are now competing to defraud government coffers. The Judiciary is so corrupt that it shields corruption suspects from being prosecuted. The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) is too toothless to pounce on Tonse Alliance corruption suspects such as Hon. Eisenhower Mkaka and vice president, Dr. Saulos Chilima.

Fortunately, solutions to fighting corruption are numerous. Malawi is in dire need of a strong leader who is so patriotic enough to crack down corruption. ACB must be fully independent of any political interference. Most importantly, every citizen must take full responsibility to be a whistleblower by reporting any incidences of corruption.

  1. Mitigating poor and indecisive leadership

President Chakwera’s laissez faire, or autopilot system of leadership leaves a lot to be desired. Under President Chakwera’s watch, corruption, thievery, inflation rate, nepotism, tribalism, regionalism, scarcity of fuel and forex and abject poverty are on the rise.

It takes time for President Chakwera to reshuffle non performing cabinet ministers who are by default his advisors in their line ministries. President Chakwera is even paranoid to sack prominent ministers such as Hon. Eisenhower Mkaka to pave way for thorough investigations . What can stop other ministers and government officials from perpetrating corruption if the president is tolerating this evil?

How can President Chakwera and his vice president be on the lead to practice nepotism and expect their subordinates not to do the same? For sure, a good leader must be exemplary in both words and deeds.

All what is needed for Chakwera is to assert himself as the state president of this country. He must show leadership by cracking down corruption without fear or favour.

If President Chakwera feels that he lacks experience in running government, he can undergo an in-house training crash course on leadership, management and governance skills.

  1. Combating high illiteracy rate

Most voters vote for mediocrity because they are not literate enough to discern realistic campaign promises from lies. This is why they simply voted for Chakwera and Chilima out of emotions, political affiliation, tribe and region of origin.

Even now there are some intellectually challenged people who vehemently back up the scarcity of fuel and forex by blaming the previous regime. The silly aspect of it all is that they still queue for fuel thereafter. What a mediocrity in reasoning.

Chakwera’s regime must fight hard to improve literacy levels. Primary school education must be made compulsory now. Believe me, education is an investment. If you educate one member of the family, you educate the whole family. A literate Malawi is possible. By the way, what is the progress on the construction of 250 secondary schools under the USA millennium challenge?

  1. Industrialisation, mechanised agriculture and precision agriculture

Malawi is an agro-based country as we heavily rely on agriculture as a source of forex. Unfortunately, our agriculture relies very much on natural rains and once we don’t have sufficient rains, our meagre harvest doesn’t fetch enough forex on the market.

I think it is high time we intensified irrigation with a view of graduating from subsistence farming to commercial farming. We can also diversify our farming crops and livestock.

Extensive and commercial farming is achievable if we introduce mechanised agriculture in which trucks, harvesters, tractors and other vehicles are used to replace human labour. In modern times, precision agriculture entails that computers can be used in conjunction with satellite imagery to increase yield.

Instead of exporting raw materials, produce from commercial farming can be fed into local industries from where finished products are sold abroad. This will create more employment opportunities locally while generating more forex.

  1. Politics of appeasement, tribalism and nepotism

Chakwera’s politics of appeasement, tribalism and nepotism promote mediocrity as it also accelerates widening inequalities among the citizens. This has a ripple effect of poor public service delivery which has a direct impact on the plight of the citizenry.

President Chakwera should strive to appoint people to key public positions based on merit.

  1. Mitigating poor public service delivery

It boggles my mind why the whole President Chakwera should sweep the entire public service reform sector report under the carpet. It is over a year now since the Vice President Chilima submitted the report to the President. Since then, the report has not been made public and no action from the report has been taken. And yet President Chakwera expects an efficient and effective public sector.

It is an established fact that poor public service delivery is a catalyst for poverty. For instance, poor public health delivery shortens the lifespan of productive citizens which in turn affects the country’s economy which has a direct effect on the plight of local Malawians.

It is now mandatory that President Chakwera must release the public sector reform report now so that other citizens can usher in their input for the betterment of all Malawians.

  1. Mitigating joblessness

Tonse Alliance government can spend all its energy day in and day out blaming DPP regime, COVID 19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war for the economic meltdown and joblessness among Malawians. However, such blame game will not bring any solutions. Malawi needs localised home-grown solutions to uplift herself from such adverse effects.

For instance, it remains a fact that 30% of the Malawi population comprise of the youth as its population median age is 16. If over 600,000 employees lost their jobs due adverse effects of COVID 19 pandemic, thus increasing the number of jobless youths, what has the government done to cushion effects of unemployment and worsening poverty in Malawi?

Creating job centres when jobs are not available on the market is a smokescreen just to hoodwink Malawians that jobs have been created.

In fact, job creation is a function of many factors. It is therefore the responsibility of Chakwera’s government to create a conducive and enabling environment for job availability such as stable economy, direct foreign investment and entrepreneurship among others.

  1. Mitigating poor monetary and economic policies

The Chakwera’s laissez faire or autopilot style of leadership of managing our economy has plunged this country into an economic doldrums we are experiencing now. Truth be told, Chakwera’s Government made many economic plunders such as cancellation of IMF credit facility and over expenditure of government purse despite a meagre revenue. Furthermore, if government anticipated hamper yields from agricultural input subsidy programme, why didn’t it find market in advance for the agricultural produce? No wonder tobacco last year did not fetch enough forex on the international market. For sure, Chakwera’s Government can do better in this arena.

  1. Mismanaged huge debts

One day I was mesmerised when I heard Tonse Alliance demagogues ululating over Chakwera’s consent to four debt authorisation bills. What was the euphoria of ecstasy for? Obviously, such bills would just increase our huge mountain of debts which we are failing to service.

It is a well known fact that Malawi is failing to make economic strides partly due to repayments of such debts. It did not come as a surprise when Malawi Government failed to clinch the much anticipated IMF credit facility. Nonetheless, the government received rapid IMF credit facility out of remorse and mercy probably after months of fasting.

It is important that Chakwera Government must minimise borrowing while capitalising on agricultural production and industrialisation as a means of forex earner.

  1. More imports than exports

In an autopilot system of governance like this one, we import more than we export. Anything is importable including used second hand under-wears which Kamuzu Banda banned.

By commercialising agriculture and direct industrial investments, Malawi should be able to export more finished and value added products that would fetch enough forex on the international market.

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