President Emmerson Mnangagwa

HARARE-(MaraviPost)-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has issued a thinly veiled threat to doctors and lawyers whom he accused of being accessories in last month’s stayaway that turned violent.

Speaking at a Zanu PF “thank you” rally, Mnangagwa said rioters were buoyed by doctors and lawyers as they went about looting and burning public and private property.

“They told them that if anyone gets arrested, they should go to a certain place, there are lawyers waiting to defend them. If anyone gets hurt, they should go to a certain place, there are doctors waiting to treat them,” he said.

According to The Sowetan live, now the doctors and lawyers are in his sights.

“We are now going after those doctors who were involved in those activities.

“Those lawyers that were inciting violence, we are now going after them. So those who choose violence, we are prepared,” Mnangagwa told the Zanu PF crowd.

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