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Prince Harry banks on wife Meghan for survival in Canada…..Lacks of University degree

Prince Harry banks on wife Meghan

TORONTO-(MaraviPost)-Prince Harry’s lack of a university degree or any form of higher education might hinder his bid to settle down in Canada, an immigration expert has claimed.

The Sussexes had shocked the world earlier this month when they announced that they would be stepping back from royal duties to start a new life and have since both flown to Canada with son Archie.

However, if they intend to stay there permanently, they may yet face hurdles despite their status as members of the royal family, with Canadian lawyer Mario Bellissimo, 35, telling Metro that Harry’s past work experience and the fact he did not go to university would “weigh heavily against him” in the immigration application process.

Both Harry and Meghan will have to apply for permanent residency, and Bellissimo said it was unusual for anyone to do so without having any form of higher education.

“It’s definitely weighted heavily against him because you’re credited all the way up the scale from Ph.D. downwards,” he explained. “Many of the applicants that are qualifying have higher education. Some have PhDs, others have Masters. But they clearly have university degrees of some type or other types of professional post-secondary degrees.”

Unlike William, who studied at St. Andrews University before joining the Royal Air Force, Harry enlisted in the military directly out of school. Though he did serve for 10 years and rise to the rank of Captain, his military background will not aid him in any way in the immigration process.

Furthermore, Harry’s philanthropic work will not be credited either, with the Canadian immigration system preferring self-employed candidates and those with a “proven track record of business management.”

The situation is such that Harry might just have to rely on his wife to be the primary application as she is the more favorable candidate because she spent several years earning money in Toronto while filming ‘Suits.’

“It might surprise people but Meghan is the more desirable applicant from the Canadian immigration perspective because of her work experience,” Bellissimo said. “She will likely have a good pathway because she has international recognition in an area of paid employment with acting.”

“International recognition is not enough. It has to be in an area where you earn an income, either through the direct self-employment, or work experience in that same area,” he continued, adding that Harry’s global recognition might aid him, but that being a part of the royal family had no “constitutional citizenship benefits.

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Lloyd M’bwana
Lloyd M’bwana
I'm a Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resource (LUANAR)'s Environmental Science graduate (Malawi) and UK's ICM Journalism and Media studies scholar. I have been The Malawi Country Manager and duty editor for the Maravi Post for the past Three Years. My duty editor’s job is to ensure that the news is covered properly, that it is delivered on time, and that it is created to the standards set out in the editorial guidelines of the Maravi Post. I also decide most of what the user will or will not see. And those users will be clicking on the website expecting to see what their trusted news. Organisation has to say on an issue. I started as a senior Reporter with the Maravi Post over a 6 years ago. When I have time, I do field reporting as well.


  1. I love the thought of the Sussexes. God’s Speed!
    I love the thought of the Queen!
    You are blessed!

  2. Social media gives everyone a say, so you get these negative self absorbed people who most likely have no idea of the truth and add their small minded opinions without knowing the true facts. Social media allows hate to fester. I bet those people would be too gutless to say the same in a face to face senario. It’s too easy behind a post, text or other device. Also media has a lot to answer for. I can understand why Harry and Meghan want a life away from all this negative stuff.

  3. Everyone has a right to be happy and be free…with God’s grace and mercy they will be successful!!!!

  4. I love Harry and Harry has done alot of good in his life. You don’t get two the same but both William and Harry are good people . People have to mind Harry was young when his mum died and that will affect him and William for the rest of there lives I love them so much.

  5. Considering the Canadian government has granted citizenship to diplomatic friends in the past, and if Meghan still holds dual citizenship, prince harry wont have to qualify as a skilled worker.

  6. I wish Harry and wife a very happy stay in Canada. They are happy people together. God blest them both.

  7. So how much are you being paid to “report” incorrect information? Meghan has a double Bachelor’s degree (which you omitted) and Harry graduated from Eton College (which you lied about).

    Do you not realize that you look like a fool? Best case scenario, you didn’t do your job by doing even a cursory 30 second search for facts. Worst case scenario, you knew exactly what you were doing by purposefully omitting information and “reporting” things you knew to be untrue. You ought to be ashamed.

  8. What a wasteful disappointment Harry has become. Princess Diana would not be proud of her son losing everything, his HRH, his children’s charity work, his military honors, and now his pride. Living off a scheming sneak. How much pride did he have to swallow… disgraceful

    • All l see here is hateful words and evil propaganda. The Lord mercy will see him through. Who can decides a man end from the beginning. What an hateful haste unsolicited conclusion is that though? This post is obviously from one of the haters who doesn’t wish either or both of them well!

    • I guess we could literally say Diana was extremely unhappy. Divorce and establishing a relationship outside of the royal circle was clear evidence. She, in fact, would be proud of Harry.

    • LMAO. Your ignorance and hate is showing. Diana was stripped of her title after the divorce. Meghan and Harry have not been stripped of theirs, they simply are not using the HRH.

      Don’t you have a white supremacy meeting to go to so you can spread your hate and lies? Clearly you aren’t spending your time getting an education (like Duchess Meghan who speaks 3 languages). You can’t even spell snake. LMAO

  9. Its funny to see how Harry is always Been compared with his brother William for everything. His education etc… it shows how bitter people are and how they want to put the betterness to everyone. Harry leaving the Royal Duty should not turn him into a monster. He is a human and he deserve his personal space doing what he feels like doing. Can we say anything good about Harry . I am sure there is one or Two. Here wishing Harry and his Family all the best and the Universe is with him ! He will be supported and he is protected!

  10. Whole article is silly. There are many visa categories. By simply investing $800,000 for 5 years Harry will get a visa. I think he can afford it.

    • Thanks! I knew it’s just another hateful post from the evil people wishing them evil! You can tell. “By their seed you shall know them”
      The merciful God will make them prevail in Jesus mighty name. Trial time shall past?

    • Please, can the haters leave Prince Harry and Meghan alone for sometime? The haters should be reminded that The Sussex either royal duties or not have huge number of sincere fans. Please, let us be human and drop your hatchet or you might get yourself smatched by the hatchet. The writer was able to make relevant exegesis of the criteria for possible qualification for Canadian permanent residence but failed to elaborate on other possible options. Please, the couple were legally married and either of them qualifies to sponsor the application if they wishes to apply. Please, let them decide and stop preempting for The Sussex. The writer should be corrected that even with an high school
      grade and sufficient funds one could qualify for the Canadian PR. I am sure if you conduct a survey of the highest qualification of these haters majority of them will probably be high school drop out whose cumulative achievement could not even come near Archie’s
      Nanny achievement. Please, let’s live with one love.

    • Weet ik niet hoor. Onafgebroken woon en werkduur zijn misschien de criteria en die krijgt hij moeiteloos. Hij is niet stom.

    • Doesn’t anyone remember his uncle Edward,who left the throne for the woman he loved. Harry has any chance of becoming King so what’s the big deal. Leave them alone. Allow them to live their lives the way they want to.

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