The South Africa-Malawian based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has ruled out of having huge investments in the country due to what he termed as ‘fear of uncertainties’, which might negatively affect business growth.


Prophet Bushiri response comes amid anxiety and questions the country’s general public have on him as to why he has not embarked huge investments in Malawi but rather in other nations including Tanzania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and South Sudan where he claims to own gold mines, hotels, and oil wells.



Can Prophet Bushiri surely claim that South Sudan is more stable than Malawi? His unwillingness to Invest in his own country if he has to be believed that he has the resources he claims to have is very unchristian. What better way to help support and uplift his own people and also set an example on how to run business the correct way.


Bushiri was in a country the past week for charitable work mainly distributing relieve items to those affected with floods and famine in selected districts including Ntcheu, Rumphi and Dowa of worthy MK35 million.


Speaking to a special program on the private owned Zodiak Broadcasting Corporation (ZBS) on Friday, January 15 which The Maravi Post monitored, Prophet Bushiri vehemently cleared that Malawi was not a right nation to invest due lack of security over properties whereby people have negative perception on men of God citing the recent incident when misguided individuals rooted church properties of Prophet Foster Mbale, Christ for All Nations Ministries, based in Area 25, in the capital Lilongwe for being rumored that he turned into a snake while praying for two men with another scenario whereby ill-advised individuals advanced that a girl went missing upon entering into the magnificent Simama Hotel premises owned by Bishop Abraham Simama.



“We have fear of uncertainties in Malawi not necessary political or economic but here I am talking about insurance of one’s property. Just look at these two scenarios where men of God recently their properties were smashed and rooted over fake stories. That type of issues gives us fears that if I put an investment here might face the same man hunt just out of jealousy.


“This is not necessary that most people hate me in Malawi but some love me but lies about me is what has engulfed in many Malawians hearts than the real Bushiri. Therefore lies go faster than the truth as such it takes 10 years to clear out such falsehoods.


“In this country we have 50% having positive perception towards me while the other 50% have negative perception. So, in business if out 10 only four or five people in the area have negative attitude on you, it’s advisable not to invest in that place because you don’t know what these five people might do to your business”, observes Prophet Bushiri.


Responding as to why he chose South Africa as an operating base for the ministry and business, the man of God said the rainbow nation has an advantage of one way flight connecting the whole world which according to him it was a recipe for the church growth and business.


“South Africa is centre point where one can reach every corner of the world using one flight either one wants to be in USA, UK. Currently, the church membership in Pretoria, South Africa has reached 51, 000 people whereby a stadium is used as an extension from the main church.


Actually, I get huge support from South Africa government support on security, fire brigades and extinguishers”, elaborates Prophet Bushiri.


On the accolades and title of calling him “Major 1” by followers, Bushiri disputed that as boastful but rather an encouragement of good works God was doing to its people through him arguing that he has never told anyone to call him “Major 1”, therefore the matter was non-starter.


Bushiri however defended the teaching of wealth restoration arguing that Satan followers were the ones against such teachings citing the bible prophets who had different roles to God’s children with others preaching for repentance while others on wealth saying God always want all people to prosper.


“This is why we preach about miracle money as this is a biblical word meaning unexpected breakthrough in someone life than the way other people are fantasying the word just want to divert its meaning. Just take an example when Jesus Christ told Peter in the bible to cast net in sea which in return he got more fish than expected and that we call miracle money”, defends Bushiri.



Prophet Bushiri therefore confessed that the world popular Prophet TB Joshua of Nigeria inspired him a little than his spiritual father namely Prophet Bed Angell whom he knew in 2004 and offers him direction on personal, marriage matters as they almost talk daily but he did not disclose the whereabouts of Prophet Bed Angell.


Bushiri’s home town is the central district of Ntcheu but his father married in the northern district of Rumphi where he was born and the other home is Chiphore in Salima, the original district of his grandfather who happened be from a Yao tribe and married in Ntcheu where his father was born.


Prophet Bushiri has investments in farming, gold mining, oil wells, hotels and possesses three flight jets and plans to open a mobile company, banks and universities particularly in South Africa and South Sudan. to the headmaster John Kayira.


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