Raphael tenthaniIn one of his many careless statements – I am using the adjective ‘careless’ advisedly, President Mutharika said despite the massive sackings in the public and civil service, cleverly dubbed ‘re-deployments, he has not fired anybody.



It was the President’s considered opinion that he was merely ‘re-deploying’ personnel paving way to ‘cashgate’ investigations.


Before I proceed, I must say I am glad Charles Nsaliwa and Henry Ngutwa have spoken truth to power and refused to be moved around like ponies on a chess board.


Look, Mr. President, not everyone you have shuffled around has anything to do with ‘cashgate’. Besides, if you have sufficient reason to investigate anyone of any wrong-doing you do not re-deploy them; you suspend them.


So, no, Mr. President, your explanation does not wash. In fact, your government risks a huge law suit from the myriad of officers you have fired for you have linked them to ‘cashgate’ when most of them have no finger in the systematic plunder of public resources.


By the way, these deployments do not make sense at all. Look, you get a guy from a parastatal and lump him on the general civil service, how does he fit in? These have different ‘DNAs’, if you get my drift.


Imagine, you get someone from MBC, who has been writing news stories to go on air everyday, and make him some director of one thing or the other at a ministry; where will he begin to begin? You want to trick him into failing to deliver so that you find enough reason to fire him for incompetence?


These re-deployments do not make sense.