By Cde Mainda Simataa,
I know Lumumba personally, but I know the Zambian government even better, and I knew that Lumumba sealed his fate in Zambia the moment he made critical political comments about the PF Zambian Govt on a stage in Tanzania last year.
It goes without saying, as the world now knows, that the Chinese Republic of Zambia (CRZ) has become the worst authoritarian regime in Africa, second only to Museveni’s Uganda where blood is literally flowing. But in Zambia, at least for now, it’s only hearts and the economy that are bleeding!
Its also worth noting from the outset, that PLO Lumumba now becomes the fifth Persona-non-grata, the fifth high-profile figure to be deported/denied entry into Zambia in less than two years: others being now former Cuban Ambassador to Zambia, deported for attending an opposition Socialist Party launch where his crime was that he sat with the enemy; next was Musi Maimane – South African DA opposition political leader, deported and banned from Zambia for attempting a solidarity visit to then jailed Zambian opposition leader Hakainde who’d been charged on trumped-up treason charges. Then there’s an entertainer – Zodwa Babantu – famed South African Singer/dancer who’d been denied entry and banned for life by the “religious Minister” because of her indecent underwearless dancing expositions on stage that threatened to defile the morals of an already defiled and corrupt “Christian nation”.
And of course, the Malawian born Major One con-man prophet Bushiri, now based in South African, banned because his miracle money stunts threatened to flood the  economy with counterfeit currency!!!
And so now, we’re at a point where PLO Lumumba’s scheduled to speak in Lusaka at a public lecture yesterday, and at a university graduation today respectively, were left in tatters yesterday because he’s now an enemy of the state courtesy of the archaic colonial provisions vested in the Public Order Act (POA), and the new State Security Act that bestwows unlimited dictatorial powers in a democratically elected president, what an irony!
But the truth is that Lumumba’s rousing speeches have never threatened any authoritarian African government because they just ooze theoretical and poetic sentiments, but never really incite uprising in his audience…not until he hit the Zambian Govt with a political jab in Tanzania that went viral on YouTube and social media!
What really put him in bad taste with the Chinese Zambia is two things: first, his strong-worded condemnation of the PF govt last year pertaining to the arrest of opposition leader Hakainde on trumped up treason charges, “something is wrong! Something is terribly wrong with the govt in Zambia” he yelled as the audience applauded with approval! Right there I knew he was done for!
And number two, something I’m indirectly responsible for, is more of an intent to discredit China on its Zambian home soil; his decision to title and base his lecture on the pamphlet I authored and shared with him, (and with everyone in this group) a week before he was scheduled to come to Zambia.
Lumumba dug his own grave in Tanzania, and his plan to come and mount the platform in Zambia to speak or comment on “How China Colonized Zambia”, was merely putting flowers on that grave. Lumumba now follows in the footsteps of the likes of Steve Biko, Sobukwe, Mandela and more…for he is now a banned man in apartheid Chinese-Zambia!
Long live the Struggle!
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