Fredo ‘Fredokiss’ Penjani Kalua

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Just three weeks before Malawians go polls on May 21, reality reports are now emerging on how aspirants are fairing in various constituencies and wards.

Reality on the Ground (RotG) is the desk Maravi Post using to show the nation how candidates are up victory or not.

The first assignment for this desk was on Blantyre City South.

RotG Team conducted  serious survey in the constituency to determine who will win the coming elections.

The findings show that Fredo ‘Fredokiss’ Penjani Kalua (on independent ticket) will win with a good margin seconded by Noel Lipipa, Jimmy Banda, Moses Kunkuyu and others, in that order.

The team deployed on the ground interviewed 5000 people across the Constituency to answer few questions which included a presidential candidate they are to vote for, a Member of Parliament and Ward Councillors.

Reality on the Ground survey favours Fredo ‘Fredokiss’ Penjani Kalua in Blantyre City South


Out of 5000 people, 1,980 (39.6%) opted for Fredokiss. Noel Lipipa was favoured by 985 (19.7%) people with Jimmy Banda coming closer with 857 (17.14%). Moses Kunkuyu got 688 (13.76%) while others and undecided were a total of 490 (9.8%).

Results for Presidential Candidate will not be released as we plan to release district by district and not Constituency by Constituency.

Fredokiss’ vote will come from the youth who are more in the area. He also enjoys great support from women and certain elders for his developments in the area.

He is popular for:

  1. Giving scholarships to young people in the Constituency
  2. Constructing houses for the elderly
  3. Constructing abandoned bridges and roads
  4. Providing clean water to some areas in the Constituency.

Noel Lipipa and Jimmy Banda seem to share DPP votes as they are both popular among DPP diehards in the Constituency.

Lipipa is also enjoying the support for the developments he has implemented, just that his support base is shared with Jimmy Banda.

Fredo ‘Fredokiss’ Penjani Kalua with USA Ambassador Palmer

Moses Kunkuyu, despite being a former MP in the area and representing MCP will lose miserably as he is not loved and MCP is the least favourite party out of the big three.

Also, Kunkuyu once used bricks meant for school blocks to build his house in Chileka.

Others may wish to argue, but unfortunately, this is reality on the Ground.

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