Liwonde Dam
Rehabilitating Malawi dam Liwonde Dam

Malawi can now see the benefits and wise leadership of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika who approved the rehabilitation of Liwonde barrage which controls fluctuation of water in Lake Malawi. Blackouts have been minimized in Malawi due to the completion of maintenance works at Liwonde Barrage.

Water level in Lake Malawi has risen to about 1 meter higher than was the case same time last year – the highest point in nearly a decade. This is according to data collected from the country’s three main water level monitoring stations at Chilumba in Karonga, Nkhata – Bay and Monkey Bay in Mangochi district.

“On 20th April, the level was at 474.82 metres. That is 0.65 metres higher than was the case same time last year,” confirmed Simeon Shumba, Publicist in the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development.

This increase in water level means that there will be an increase in Agricultural activities in the lower Shire and coupled with a good investment it will lead to high Agricultural production.

Greenbelt initiative which is a vision of the late President Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika and now being implemented by the incumbent President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika will now begin through:

1. Mangochi-Malombe Project **specifically earmarked for Legumes farming.

2. Mwananjobvu Project in Chikwawa and Nsanje **for the farming of cotton, maize, millet and livestock production.

3. Nchalo-GBI Project* in Chikwawa for the growing of sugarcane.

Malawi depends on Hydro Electric Power and in the past decades ESCOM/ENGENCO has struggled to generate enough electricity for the country due to low water levels in Shire river. With increased water levels in Lake Malawi blackouts will be a thing of the past.

Together taking Malawi forward under the wise and dynamics leadership of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, the fruits of this visionary leader are easily laid bare.

Let us give Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika time to develop this nation. A dry port at Liwonde is in the offing which will open up Malawi to the whole world.

Apart from the dry port Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika wants to transform Mangochi into a tourist’s destination in Africa by constructing an International Airport and a 5-star hotel and a financier for these two projects has already been identified.

No one can deny that Peter Mutharika is delivering beyond expectations.

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