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In a bid to promote strength and impact of civil society organizations in Malawi, the Segal Family Foundation (SFF) has awarded a grant of $5,000 to a Lilongwe-based non-governmental organization.

“Social Impact Incubator (SII), was established with the desire to build stronger and stable civil society ecosystems around Africa. The program is designed to serve as a common space for local organizations, INGOs, and donors to connect, collaborate, and dialogue. In contexts where civil societies have been further weakened by a top-down funding paradigm that disenfranchises local visions,?SII-Malawi was created to disrupt the status quo and empower local vision, and are truly change-makers.

“As part of the SII 2017 Program, the champions were given a challenge to prepare an innovative project plan for the Planning for Impact Module in which the organization with the best plan would be awarded a grant of $5000 from Segal Family Foundation,” Baranshamaje said.

During the ceremony, three organizations namely Wandikweza, GGEM Farming Founder and Green Livelihoods pitched plans to fellow champions, alumni from the previous cohort and the wider audience. The audience included various heads of INGOs, private sector and government.

In his remarks, GGEM Farming Founder Kondwani Chijota, whose NGO won the grant said the money would greatly help his organization.

“On behalf of other NGOs, let me thank the SFF for this platform. We have learnt a lot and we have also created partnerships,” Chijota said in his brief remarks during the award ceremony.

Last year, 21 Malawian NGOs were chosen by SFF to undergo a seven month social impact incubator?training, to increase capacity and traction so as to deliver the full impact of their missions in the Malawi.

At the end of the program, SFF offers grant to fund a select number of “champions,” and make introductions to other donors and investors.

“Along with funding, we continue coaching, mentoring, and networking with our new partners. All Champions can join the Champion-driven Alumni Network, which is to be launched after graduation by the Segal Family Foundation.

Founded by Barry Segal, the Segal Family Foundation (SFF) is a USA-based private organization that supports 180 organizations in 20 African countries.

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