Robert Mugabe

Mugabe was a darling of the west until he decided to give land back to the black man of Zimbabwe. When you go back to agreements made upon independence between Mugambe and Britain, just like in Kenya between Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and Britain, it was already agreed that the land that colonialists had grabbed from local natives would have to be given back to the owners. So Mugabe was not only giving back land to the rightful owners but unlike Jomo Kenyatta who failed to implement the land redestribution agreement, Mugabe was also implementing a legal agreement which was already know to the Whiteman.

Economic crisis that followed Mugabe’s decision occurred because the west did not like Mugabe’s boldness and so they imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe to kill the economy and blame it on Mugabe. They always do this to bring down leaders of countries they don’t like and replace them with puppets of the West.

So what’s happening in Zimbabwe is not a sign of the evil of Mugabe but the evil of a whiteman.

For close to 30 years the USA and Europe kept in power and funded dictators in Africa as long as they were torturing black people not white people. And they did the same with Mugabe. As long as Mugabe touched no whiteman then he was good. The British Monarchy even knighted Mugabe. He is actually Sir Robert Mugabe, the defender of the British empire(Lol!). But the moment he touched the whiteman, the West including Britain which knighted him told the world Mugabe was evil. Sadly, there is always some people who are weak minded and they believe this lie.

But look around. The closest allies of USA include Saudi Arabia and Israel in the Middle East. Is this not a shame?

Saudi Arabia sponsors terrorists, is allegedly linked to September 11 2001 Bin Laden strike against USA, stone citizens to death or chop off their hands, etc. And Saudi Arabia is the only country on earth where women are not allowed to drive cars or walk in public any how. These are just a few sins of Saudi Arabia and yet the USA and her western allies are close friends of the Saudi family. Ain’t this hypocrisy?

Talk about Israel. How did Israel occupy the land they have? In 1948 when the Jewish State was created by the United Nations, Israel was given a different territory. But later Israel began to expand illegally into Palestine. They annexed Palestinian territory and they bomb Palestine and kill Palestinians anyday Netanyahu is in a bad mood or is just angry with what Iran said that day (lol!). But USA does not punish Israel instead they fund her more. Or see how they reacted towards Russia for annexing Cremea from Ukraine? But what about Israel? Ain’t this hypicrisy?

And they came to Africa and say Mugabe is evil and impose sactions on Zimbabweans and we believe that and insult Mugabe?


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