Nigerians have been surviving all the problems confronting them with resilience and perseverance hoping that one day things will change for good. 

After 61 years of unrelenting suffering, Nigerians have consistently demonstrated strength to surmount the most daunting challenges facing them.

Nigeria’s freedom fighters have successfully played an active role, having successfully fought for the democracy that brought this demon into power.

Nigeria’s history has gone beyond the present animosity between the Northerners and Southerners. We’ve experienced several coups, a civil war and ethnic clashes, yet we are on the verge of another civil war with injustice, crime, corruption and unending terrorism.

Buhari regime uses security forces to frequently carry out arbitrary arrests and to torture oppressed people demanding for good governance. We all witnessed the extra-judicial killings of innocent citizens at Lekki Tollgate during the #EndSARS protests.

This abuse of power always occurs within the ambit of the Nigerian government that gives marching orders to the security operatives to clampdown on freedom fighters.

No doubt, Nigerians have been able to expose Buhari regime, a regime that empowers security agencies to bend people of conscience into slavery.

Impunity in Nigeria has spread in all levels of Buhari regime. Obviously, this clueless regime has not investigated or prosecuted most of the major allegations of human rights violations by the security forces, especially the State Security Service [SSS] and Nigeria Police, about extortion and other related abuse of power.

Dictator Buhari has no respect for the rule of law, he is trying hard to succeed by permanently suppressing freedom of speech and the right to protest. Buhari is unconcerned about the killings in the country by his kinsmen and has plunged the country into a failed state.

Buhari’s undemocratic ways of governing a democratic nation has been exposed to the world. The genocidal atrocities he has committed against innocent citizens will never be forgotten in the history of Nigeria.

Nigeria under Buhari regime is a lawless state where the government uses state might to hunt down agitators demanding for their rights, whilst terrorists like Fulani herdsmen and bandits roam around and kill people without any consequences, simply because their kinsmen occupy all vital positions in the country.

Dictator Buhari has never been a democrat in his entire life nor does he fare well under a democratic atmosphere. He is a crude and fascist dictator, nepotistic in nature, a religious fanatic that is unfit to be the head of a family let alone being a president of the most populous black nation in the world.

What happiness will anyone derived from a country where terrorists butcher innocent farmers, rape their wives, kill and kidnap people in thousands including some “Nigerian soldiers”?

Yet the murderous terrorist called “Fulani herdsmen” walk freely, while freedom fighters are arbitrarily arrested and jailed with no crime or offence, simply for demanding for a better society where a son of nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody in power.

Many agitators have been jailed, some have died in detention, no compensation was given to their families. But Buhari regime derives joy in giving terrorists amnesty, compensates, rehabilitates and reintegrates them into the same society they turned into a desert!

The reason some agitators called for self-determination is that the tears and agonies tormenting ordinary citizens cannot be condoned or endured anymore. People want to be free from the shackles of Buhari’s terrible and nightmarish regime that only caters for Fulani.

It is high time Nigerians unite and amplify their voices in one direction; we have been defeated for too long with religion and ethnicity. The battle to defeat these vagabonds in power should not be divided. 

If dictator Buhari cannot guarantee the protection of lives and properties of Nigerian citizens, he has no moral right to arrest any agitator(s) calling for self-determination.

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