Petitioner 1 saulos Chilima and Petitioner 2 Lazarus Chakwera

According to evidence presented by Petitioner 1 Saulos Chilima intimidation of monitors 0.16%, bribery of monitors 0.19%, Presiding officer 0.13%, Unauthorized persons 0.12%, arrest of persons 0.06%, delivery of ballot boxes and under less than adequate security 0.04 %. The total for allegations on Mr Chilima’s Petition is 0.529%

According to Petitioner 1 Saulos Chilima, the elections were not correct by 0.52% out of the 100%, Meaning the election was 99.48% correct

AG Kaphale asks petitioner 1 saulos Chilima about the media reports that UTM monitors have not been paid. AG Kaphale asks whether paying monitors is a bribe?

petitioner 1 saulos Chilima also cites and reads from another affidavit by Peter Chigwenembe which also narrates about alleged bribery. AG Kaphale, however, argues that the alleged bribery was of presiding officers and not of monitors as alleged.

AG Kaphale also argues against an affidavit which mentions alleged bribery by DPP Regional Governor for South Charles Mchacha. The affidavit has not been read out aloud but Kaphale says the affidavit doesn’t mention bribery of monitors.

The affidavit claims police had blocked UTM monitors from taking pictures of the bribery

AG Kaphale : Mr Chilima having having agreed with me that the centers cited in your witness statement as being affected by irregularities have nothing to do with the said irregularities what percent of the centers is remaining ?

Saulos Chilima: 0.5 percent, my lady, My Lords
AG Kaphale: In your petition, one of the grounds for asking the election results to be nullified is that you say the elections were affected by a “plethora” of irregularities. What is the meaning or another word for the word “ plethora”?

Saulos Chilima: “A lot “ my lady and my lords.

AG Kaphale: The Dictionary meaning of the word “Plethora” is a large or excessive amount. Are you aware is that?

Saulos Chilima: Yes am aware .

AG Kaphale: Would you then say .5 percent of anything is a plethora, a large amount or an excessive of anything as your petition alleges?

Saulos Chilima: Silence in disbelief

AG Kaphale: Would you them agree with me that your use of the word “plethora” in discribing the extent of the irregularities was wrong?

Saulos Chilima: I don’t agree .

AG Kaphale : So as far as you are concerned you are telling the nation that .5 % of anything is a large percent or excessive percentage of 100 percent of that thing?

Saulos Chilima: Yes my lord my lady .

AG Kaphale . Thank you we have to stop there

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