By Falles Kamanga

Battle lines are failing to die between Government of Malawi and some Civil Society Organizations in the country over the new proposed NGO BILL under scrutiny in the National Assembly.

It is felt that most NGOs in this country are failing to account for the resources they receive from donors to implement projects in the name of Malawians.


Research has shown that most NGOs in this country do not really help to change the lives of those they claim to serve,  except them driving poshy cars, living in mashons and send their children to expensive schools in the name of helping the poor..


If well checked, the bill simply looks into how Non Governmental Organizations uphold the conviction of promoting transparency and accountability on resources they receive from donor community. Some NGOs are claiming that the NGO Bill is established  in order to surprace them. Others claim there was no consultation on the same. It is very shaming that the same Organizations that are fighting the tabling of the bill in Parliament through Court Injunctions, are the same who have records of misusing and mismanaging donor money in this country. Some have swindled millions at Global Fund through what they call Self Regulation. All over the world, governments provide regulatory mechanisms for other things to work properly. The purpose of any regulatory mechanisms is to make sure people dont abuse their offices and responsibilities.


Today, Malawi Government has come up with a regulatory Body for NGOs (NGO BOARD) and others think the reason for the establishment of this office is to offend NGOs in the country.

The truth is:

Most NGOs in Malawi are corrupt

Most resources are spent on self regulatory

Most NGOs are run like family entities

Most of the employees are either direct relations or cousins, nieces and nephews

There is no practical accountability on how resources are spent


The fear registered by some NGOs simply entails how corrupt these individuals are. The best out of this is to let the Bill tabled and continue lobbying for amendments than going to Courts and get inunctions and later being embarrassed. As we write, the Intel is clear that Lawyers are being mobilized to fight this noble course of promoting transparency and accountability in NGOs.

Time has come for resources to benefit those that are deem fit. Let the Bill pass so that most Malawians can benefit from such resources and not just you and your family members.

We need this Law more than now.


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