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YouTube awarded Emmanuel TV a Gold Creator Award

The recent suspension of Emmanuel TV YouTube Channel never came as a surprise. It was as expected as anything else. Since this was not the first time YouTube has suspended SCOAN’s Channel on its platform. We even wrote an article then saying that this present YouTube Channel that is now under suspension will also be blocked. The only thing that is a surprise is while the SCOAN have not until now develop their social media platforms where the gospel and the marvellous works of Christ through the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua can be disseminated without restrictions.

It is time the Church of Christ starts thinking outside the box, there are some things that Christ will not do for us when he has already given us the grace to do it for ourselves. The Church cannot continue to rely on the mediums and platforms of the world to preach the gospel that they hate.

Let us stop acting as if we are ignorant of the world and its antics. We know they are not comfortable with the gospel of Christ and there is no way they will continue to allow their platform to be used to propagate that gospel.

They claim their actions were based on ‘hate speech’ from a deliverance video. A video which to a true believer is an inspiring testimony of transformation.

That which is an atmosphere of deliverance and freedom to the Church is hate speech to the world. Can’t we see the conflict? Who is the determiner of hate speech? Who makes owners of social media platform the judge in determining our value system? Are they not supposed to be neutral?  This is simply the tyranny of the social media giant. Because it happens to TB Joshua today those not mean it won’t happen to you tomorrow. The Church and the lovers of truth need to wake up and understand that the world is no longer hiding their hate against the gospel of truth. They are coming out boldly in waging their war against the Church of Christ.

TB Joshua never forces anyone to come to his Church. The man who was delivered from homosexuality come to The SCOAN on his own. He felt he was under bondage and came to the SCOAN where he believed he could get his freedom. And that freedom he received. How do that affect YouTube and any aggrieved group?

Is this suspension that is without any legal and legitimate bearing by those purporting hate speech, not themselves promoting oppression and persecution?

What about the United Nations fundamental human right that said “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion”. Why do you want to impose your belief and thought on others? Are you angry with TB Joshua’s ministry because God is using him to reduce your population – the homosexuals?

The man that was delivered from homosexuality was matured enough to know what is best for him. You don’t force your belief on others. If you believe that what you stand for is good and true, why not allow everyone the choice to decide for themselves if they are comfortable with it or not. Instead of forceful imposition and coercion.

This is clear tyranny in public display and we need to recognise that the world has gone past this stage.

The management of YouTube should not allow themselves to be used irrespective of the pressure they may be getting from these groups and even if they have a stake in these issues. They have to understand that these are sensitive issues. Taken side and suspending Emmanuel TV’s YouTube Channel is not the best way to go. They should instead learn to stay neutral. They should learn to differentiate between business ethics and their prejudice. This is important not only for the integrity of their social media platforms but for the future. Always remember that the future is a mystery.

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