A recent survey by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs revealed that 89%of B2Bs had adopted the use of content marketing. These businesses also reported that the methods they chose were more efficient compared with the previous year. Email, content, and SEO marketing are among the trends that successful organizations have adopted. They had to adopt them if they were to stay ahead of the competition and have the market. We have the internet to thank for the revolution in how businesses do marketing.

These trends change just as fast as they are implemented. Therefore, businesses need to keep up to date with them.

Continually educating yourself is an important step, realize that education is a tool meant to empower us! Success in content marketing squarely lies on the quality of the content, developing a working strategy, having a target market audience, and finally allocating ample time to content marketing.

These trends incorporate these factors so as to be useful in marketing.

Any marketer will experience challenges trying to keep updated with all the trends flooding the marketing scene now and then, and that is why we took the time to identify 3 education marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2018. They will assist you to know whether you are at par with your competitors or are on the wrong path.

Go Live! Go Big! With Video

Technology has changed the learning process. Learning is less time-consuming, and fun compared to a century back. Technology changed it all. Transforming content to video online is one trend that’s catching on. A lot of people are watching videos and have a preference for them.

The use of video in learning has transformed education and improved student performance. What makes video an even better option is the fact that it’s also available on mobile devices, which are easy to access compared to PCs. Majority of learning institutions, especially colleges and universities have a YouTube presence.

This just goes to show how much important video has become in education.

Social media apps such Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, and Instagram, have incorporated video and for a good reason. Take a good example of Facebook Live, which is available to all while YouTube keeps working on and improving its live functionality. This is because the video is among the most embraced modes of communicating by most millennials.

The video is fun, entertaining to watch but at the same time an effective means of delivering your message to the audience. It is not only fun for the audience to watch, but also fun to make.

People have an affinity for the unexpected; they will, therefore, prefer live stories and video. Live video gives your marketing content a sense of authenticity.

2. Content needs to be Relevant and Personalized to Appeal to Prospects

Among the first lessons that you’ll learn in marketing is how much weight content carries in digital marketing. Content needs to be worked on and tailored to appeal to your audience. Content needs to be personalized. Take web experiences, for instance, almost all social media sites and online marketing campaigns have been customized to our needs and preferences.

Educational platforms need to personalize content if they are to stand out from the rest.

Content needs to be unique and original. Although this has been around for a while, now more than ever, audiences are craving fresh and informative content.

To create exclusive material, you’ll need to use interesting writing prompts. Remember that the goal is to appeal and keep audiences ‘hooked on’. Your prospects need a valid reason to go through your content.

Email is one way to personalize, but that was in the past. Whenever prospects visit your website, they can view the content that they have an interest in. This is one way of tailoring content.

It’s possible because you can now analyze their online behavior and be able to identify what they prefer. Afterwards, you’ll deliver the content to them, or what they see on your website will be based on that.

The blogs and links prospects will have a preview to will all be on the basis of the analysis that you had done beforehand. Take advantage of such reports; it’s only after you’ve understood your audience’s behavior that you will be able to create targeted content which is more effective. You’ll have to watch the following when it comes to content:
Poor quality and irrelevant content – gives your brand a negative image
Misdirected or Plain content – will undermine your organization’s name.

Instead, create relevant, unique, informative and original content that will help boost the image and of your organization.

3. Social Media Apps Dominate Social Networking

Want to spread the word, get into social media and start typing. When it comes to social networking, social media sites are the solution. The number of messages shared across such platforms is over a billion annually.

Before you can analyze prospects, think of yourself. Almost all of us have signed up for a number of these platforms. For a marketer, these social media sites go beyond the value of mere socialization, they are an avenue for generating leads and traffic.

Social media sites have increased in number over the years. As of 2017, the most popular sites that are a favorite for marketers include:

These are just a few in a long list of sites. Education across the globe has been in one way or another been affected by these apps including how schools communicate with students.

Sites such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook, have tailored platforms just meant for advertisers. When you create content in a format that appeals to your readers and is favorable for your chosen platform, you’re likely to be more successful in your educational marketing.

Students are drawn so much to these social sites and colleges can maximize on the opportunity by posting their content on these sites to reach their intended audience.

However, caution needs to be exercised, a small misstep and your marketing campaign will have a negative impact. Therefore, work on the content before posting them on these sites.


All organizations require a documented content marketing strategy. In this era when almost every aspect of our lives has gone digital, education marketing trends have not been left behind either. Learning institutions have realized the value of the online world, despite their initial hesitance in going digital.

Education, as earlier stated, is a tool meant to empower. As we work on appealing to prospects, this should be central in the content.

Content needs to be targeted to have the desired effect. Package content into the video! The video is the new trend social messaging and learning institutions are not being left behind either.

The pain that marketers have to deal with is the constantly changing trends – they always have to be in the know. However, certain aspects remain the same, for example, tailoring content while maintaining its originality and packaging the material (with the video being the way to go). Finally, it’s vital to choose which social sites to use to deliver your content.

Share with us which marketing trends have worked for you. Different methods have varied effects depending on various factors. Learning about how others have gone about this might help you in tailoring yours.

Lori Wade is a content writes on a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She’s a regular Maravi Post contributor.

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